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I Saw the Sign: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Sign Effective

FindItMore | Business signs can be used to your own advantage, but when overlooked or made “incorrectly” then your business might be in for trouble. This is because signs make the critical first impression to your customers which let them know about your professionalism and quality.

When you’re a customer, you always look for a business’ sign first, right? To know beforehand what kind of business you are about to deal with and the possibility of service they may give you. This is why having an effective business sign is a must when venturing on a business because one of the keys to be successful is a convincing sign.

Make a wrong move of overlooking your business sign then you in for a dive in the mud. Thus, to avoid this situation, here’s how the five ways in making your business sign effective.


A business sign should be, at most, informative. Any business sign that is not informative just falls low into the useless category, which means it does not help you at all in a way it should help. Know that a sign provides the information beforehand for the benefit of the viewing audience, which results in making your sign effective and convincing.

So, how will you make your business sign effective? Simply include useful contact information which is composed of your business’ name, logo, contact number, website, and physical address. Also, use your business sign to promote or advertise the business that you run with its services and products indicated.

Color Psychology

It is believed that certain colors evoke certain feelings or emotions. Color psychology is still an on-going in-depth study but many researchers have agreed that certain colors give the viewer a kind of emotion. For example, blue brings out the calmness and confidence, while the yellow color encourages happy and energetic feelings.

In terms of business, red is believed to stimulate the appetite, why not take a look at the food and beverage industry like the fast-food restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut which the color that dominates their logo is red. Another example is the color of sophistication, black, which some of the largest luxury brands use this as a primary branding color like Chanel, Prada, and Dior.


So, you have an informative sign which is appealing to the eyes of your customers. Now let’s tackle about how you should put up your business sign strategically to make it effective. You should know that if your sign isn’t getting any attention, then it is worthless to a business.

The sign placement, size, and height, color choice, quality of graphics or photography used, correct contrast between background color and text, font size and style, these are just the factors which make up for your sign’s visibility which makes it effectively view-able by as many people as possible.


As what the saying goes, less is always more. Simplicity is your ally when it comes to making your business sign effective. Why? It is because a sign that is difficult to process may cause a customer to think that your brand is unbelievable, unlikable, and untrustworthy on a subconscious level, which was attested by the visual marketing expert Mr. James Kellaris.

On the other hand, if your sign is an easy-to-parse message then those who view your business sign might perceive your brand as trustworthy and truthful, not to mention that it looks neatly clean due to its simplicity. So, how does one make it simple? Here’s a tip: keep the word count to no more than seven, in this way you prioritize your message making it easier to be understood.

Sign Placement

As what was stated previously, strategic placement of your business sign is one of the key factors for an effective visibility. This talks about the proximity of an outdoor sign like a billboard, or your own store sign which determines the effectiveness of your business sign.

For example, your sign is too far away, this could cause your potential customers do not find your sign at all or possibly they might forget about it right after seeing your business sign. This is why appropriately placing your sign and how high or low its placement be must be considered thoroughly.


A business sign is a really important element when running a business, it might even determine if your business will fly high or flunk low. Which is why you ought to look for good shops or professionals that would make your business sign on top of the game, why not try some shield CO Metal Signs for your business sign?

Lastly, keep in mind that what you need to do is to make sure that your business sign is on its top shape to be a great pawn in advancing your business amidst the sea of competition.


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