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Important Rules To Follow When Playing Disc Golf

Disc Golf

FindItMore | A professional player has a different perception of disc golf from someone who is going to the course for the first time. While on the course, one finds a large number of casual players who want to give their best in a competitive game. But it’s not just a free-for-all, there are some overlooked rules in disc golf that have a great role to play in the game.

No one likes to be corrected. But if you are learning to play any new sport, you must be patient enough to understand what your coach is teaching. The best thing you can do is get in touch with an experienced golfer to learn the etiquette and rules. This will save from bad strokes and embarrassment in the future games.

Let’s take a glance at some of the important rules that must be considered while playing disc golf.

  1. Stay quiet when a golfer throws

You may think it to be an obvious rule but people who have just started playing the game must know that they are not supposed to talk when a golfer makes a throw. For golfers, it gets really frustrating when they are all set for the throw and someone starts talking and making noise. You can humbly ask people to stay quiet when others are throwing to let them focus on their goal.

  1. Follow the proper throwing order

The throwing order is determined by the least amount of strokes on the previous hole by a player. This person will be the first one to drive followed by the one with the next fewest strokes. The designated scorekeeper at the tournament will announce the order for the next round. If you don’t follow the order, you can be penalized.

  1. Establish out of bounds

If you want to avoid any disputes in your game, you must establish out of bounds in the beginning. The tournament directors establish this at the beginning of a PDGA tournament. The players must follow the OB guidelines completely to find out where Mandos and OB’s are located. If you are not sure about these, you can talk to a fellow player to learn. This will help make it clear about the penalty strokes to avoid.

  1. The Golfer farthest from the pin must throw first

The golfer who is farthest from the pin after each throw gets the first chance to make the throw. Any golfer would want to see their throw and where it ended up off the tee. No matter what the skill level of a player is, you must be respectful and humble to everyone on the course. To give everyone equal opportunity, every golfer on the card must remain behind the golfer who made the first throw.

  1. The 10m Rule

When you are planning to throw inside the circle, you must not putt falling forward or step in front of the marker. You must maintain your balance while throwing a putt. After the disc goes in the basket, pick up the mini-marker first, and walk to the basket.

  1. Be courteous and honest

Being honest while playing is the best thing you can do on the course. The experienced golf players must become the ambassadors for the sport and guide the new players. To score or implement rules and course etiquette, the player has to be honest. If you play disc golf on a regular basis, you know that they are in local parks that have sidewalks, playground equipment, and softball fields nearby. Before you throw, you must yield to all walkers, runners, and cyclists. You must also assist your fellow disc golfers in finding lost discs.

  1. Keep a good pace by throwing in a timely manner

It is mostly overlooked that you should keep a check on the time you need to make your throw. As per the PDGA rules, you have thirty seconds after establishing a lie to throw. There are some casual golfers who take a lot of time to line up their shot and do a few practice releases before throwing. But you must be deliberate when you throw. You have to concentrate on playing well rather than taking time and playing slow.

  1. Do not keep the lost discs

You can put your name and number at the back of your disc. While playing disc golf, if you find a disc that is not yours, you should be courteous and return the disc to its owner. Look for the name and number of the owner to return the disc. If you don’t find any name or number on it, ask fellow players on the course.

  1. Keep the golf course clean.

It is your unsaid duty to keep the course clean and do not litter on the course. Keep it the way you found it.

  1. Stay calm and positive.

Getting upset or mad when playing the game must be avoided. In fact, this is the worst thing that you can while playing the game. For consistent play, you must make your mind strong to accept your bad shots with grace. Getting upset over that will only produce more bad shots. Try staying calm, composed, and positive throughout the round to make sure you don’t ruin your rest of the game.

If you want to become a pro in disc golf, you must try to learn all the rules and regulations to make sure you don’t miss a shot on the course. Playing the game by following all its rules and regulations will save you from embarrassment and earn you the right to keep playing.

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