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Instagram: Why it is a Great Platform to Market Your Website?

FindItMore | If you are a business owner and not using Instagram for marketing your business, you are losing a large chunk of targeted customers on social media. Businesses both big and small should use this popular social media platform for reaching out to their targeted audience. There are about 800 million users on Instagram, and this is why it is the perfect platform for marketing your business website and reaching out to a young target audience base.

Marketing your website on Instagram with the right website design

Your business website is a major marketing tool, and there is no point in keeping one if your online customers cannot find you. When you are creating your site, you should use the right mix of images and text. The visuals of your website should be appealing so that the targeted audience contacts you. Work on your site first and later promote it on social media platforms. The business logo and graphics must look professional to invoke credibility.

Promote your website with Instagram easily

Instagram is one of the easiest social media platforms for you to promote your site. This social media platform is a mobile application that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. You may upload pictures of your product and enhance their quality with a host of photo filters available. These photo filters are simple for you to apply. Instagram is a platform that allows you to take pictures with your mobile and upload them online. You do not need a sophisticated digital camera to capture pictures of your products. In case you are marketing service of your company you can upload pictures of people using the service with a good caption. This helps you increase free Instagram likes for your business website.

Post the link to your website in your Instagram Bio

You can increase sales to your business website by posting the link to your business website in your Instagram bio section. This means people can reach out to you quicker. Nothing can be more frustrating over people trying to find you when you are selling the products or services they offer you. You may even add a call-to-action link on your posts so that the customers have the opportunity to reach out quickly and buy the services and products you have on offer for sale.

Instagram marketing your business website is a wise choice. It is free, and you can run promotions successfully. The social media platform has a feature called Instagram Stories, and here you may upload a post with a nice caption and pictures of your business. This feature lasts for 24 hours before it disappears. This encourages sharing among your followers and often lead conversions for your business website are high too. Instagram is a popular social media platform for your business, and if you can use it smartly, you can market your business website effectively and reach out to the targeted audience faster. This increases not only your sales but your brand presence in the online market as well. Start using it and ensure you post daily to get positive results!

Karen Anthony

Karen Anthony is a Karen is a Business Tech Analyst who helps clients increase free Instagram likes for their business websites online to attract more targeted traffic and sales.

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