Instagram Inspired Graphic Designs Will Help Bring More Revenues To Your Business

FindItMore | There have been plenty of research studies that were conducted by a lot of different agencies which have come to the same conclusion that online success for business ventures depends on the web design and the graphic designs of their business websites. Most users will spend just a few seconds on a business website and decide whether that website is trustworthy or not. This decision is made depending only upon the designs employed in the site. By having a clutter-free web-page, you will be able to get more visitors to visit your page and go through your products.

By incorporating Instagram and link embedded within the graphic designs of your business website, you will be able to get more online success and generate more revenues. In this article, you will learn how you can use Instagram inspired graphic designs to boost your business revenues.

Why is the graphic design of your business website so important?

You need to realize that the designs on your business website will influence the way your online business runs. The graphics and web design of your business website is of immense importance as it will boost or decrease your sales. When a user visits a business website, generally he or she would be doing so as they are trying to locate something which they need individually. They can also be casually browsing hoping to find something which may catch their interest, and they can buy it.

Thus, it is of immense importance that a user sees it easy to go through and browse your website. If a user were to find your business website cluttered and filled with large textual contents, then they will be confused. They will not be able to see what they want, and very soon they will close your website and move to a new web page.

More often than not, the page where they will end up visiting will be your competitor’s. Thus, while you lose out on business, your competitor will get more revenues and profits. For this reason, it is of immense importance that you have a business website which is easy to access regarding the designs. This will allow people to move quickly in and out of your pages and find what they want to see. This will let you make more sales and get higher revenues. You shall need to make your users and visitors convinced that they should not be wasting their precious time when they navigate through your business website. Thus, it is essential that you use Instagram for this purpose. Instagram is such a popular medium will allow getting more exposure and helping you to turn your business into a larger brand. More popularity will automatically develop higher levels of trust in people.

The reason why Instagram is vital

Instagram is today the most popular platform for social media throughout the world. It has an estimated user number of over 800 million people monthly. Instagram is a great platform where you can market your business, promote your products and services which you offer. As Instagram is a platform that supports only visual content, so you will be to upload only photos and videos. This makes the marketing procedure concise, precise and straightforward considering the contents that you upload on Instagram. Many business owners will use Instagram to show their products to people from all around the world only by uploading their photos and products. Using hashtags, locating and discovering these posts are extremely easy.

Embed your links

When you want to upload any post on Instagram regarding the products that you want to sell, it is vital that you ensure embedding links in your photo’s captions. The captions will have to be small and must feature only some basic and essential information. The links that will be embedded there will be providing the rest of the details. You would be able to embed your links within the “read more” option of your post. This shall then direct the users to the business website from your Instagram. Here they can get more info about the product and finish their purchase. Hence, with a graphic design like this, you shall be able to integrate Instagram with your official business web page and get more benefits. So you need to employ these design basics in your business website.

Before you set out to plan any new strategy to market and promote your business products on the internet, you will have to create a business website with amazing graphic designs. You can visit gramblast to learn how you can do this.

Wrapping Up

One of the most critical aspects of your business’s success on the internet is the graphic design that you use on your website. It can determine how much sales you can generate through your business website. With good graphic design, you will be able to attract many people to your website and then persuade them to buy your products. But when you have a cluttered site, then you would be risking out on losing a lot of business.

Instagram is currently the world’s most popular social media platform for business owners. It can be used for integrating your business website with your social media world easily. You can divide your workload for your marketing campaigns in this way. Use Instagram to do your marketing, but you can use your business website to finish the business and financial transaction with the buyer. By doing this, you will be able to make more users visit your business page right from Instagram.


When you integrate your Instagram profile with your business website, through the process of link embedding, you will be increasing the chances of getting more viewers on your business website. This will help you in getting more sales and earning more revenues. Your graphic designs will not look cluttered and it can easily convey what you want to portray to the customers.


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