Lighting In Renovation

Knowing The Importance Of Lighting In Renovation

FindItMore | Did you know that the lighting aspect of most renovation projects is commonly overlooked in favor of another aspect such as layout and decor? Well, this is the sad reality out there today. Overlooking lighting in your renovation project can negatively affect the overall look and feel of your space. Instead, you should see commercial lighting in Houston as a major part of your interior remodeling project. Adequate and well-positioned lighting can turn an ordinary space into a masterpiece. Quality lighting can also greatly improve the overall look and feel of a room.

Lighting affects every part of a room, from the perception of size and space available to the various colors and shades on your fittings and fixtures. Proper lighting enables you to use a room to its maximum potential with a lot of ease. You will be less likely to cut yourself when chopping vegetables in a well-lit kitchen, or find yourself applying your lipstick wrong in a properly lit room!

Here are a few tips on how to deal with lighting during your renovation project:

Identify The Ideal Features of Every Room


Walk into each and every room you wish to renovate and visualize how you would like it to look and feel. For instance, if the room you walk into is dull and poorly lit, you can imagine it having more light which can greatly improve its overall atmosphere. Indeed, proper lighting can rejuvenate the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Also, look for specific things that stand out in each room and consider what you can do to accentuate them. What key features stand out in the room? If there are any such features such as a marble kitchen countertop or a beautiful fireplace, you will want to draw attention to these key features using a technique called Accent lighting.

Accent lighting works wonders by maximizing the effect of the decor and drawing people’s attention to the beautiful and appealing aspects of a room, such as architectural aspects, plants, ornaments, or even pieces of artwork.

Illuminate Based On The Unique Qualities of A Room

It’s not advisable to use a one-size-fits-all lighting solution for each and every room you are renovating as this can greatly limit the potential of these spaces. You should instead pay close attention to the unique qualities of each and every room such as the fittings and fixtures in the room, shape, and size of the room, and how much natural light is getting into the room. These qualities are all unique to each room and can rarely be the same across the board.

Prioritize Keenly If You Are on A Budget

Not everyone has an endless supply of money to invest in renovation, so it might be prudent to prioritize your lighting needs. When drafting your budget, don’t consider lighting as an afterthought. If you can’t install all the different types of lights needed or can’t stretch the lights you have to every room, aim to properly illuminate the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and foyer before anything else. Accentuating as many features in a room as possible should be your main objective.

Do Go Overboard With The Lighting

Sometimes you can adequately illuminate a room and other times you can go overboard with the lighting. It’s not advisable to go overboard on the lighting aspect of your renovation project. Installing beaming spotlights in a room can ensure that it’s more than illuminated but there is a downside; the room will lose its ambiance. Using a mix of different sources of light for each room is crucial. This technique is called ‘blending’, and it can greatly impact the appeal of a room. The atmosphere and mood are everything, so try not to go overboard with the lights.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Natural Light

Generally, more natural light is better for a room. A room can look great with beams of sunlight bursting through the windows onto the beautiful floors. However, when dusk sets in, the same room relies on artificial light to look and feel good.

So, it’s obvious that natural light alone is not enough to accentuate the key features of a room. You can easily complement natural light with desk lamps and floor lamps. A perfect mix of natural light and artificial light can make a room look and feel amazing.

Install Fittings with Both Efficiency and Mood In Mind

A bright kitchen not only makes cooking easier and more convenient, but it also makes it more fun and enjoyable. No one likes to struggle while doing ordinary day-to-day tasks such as cooking or cleaning. It can be really frustrating and annoying not being able to properly see what you are doing. ‘Task lighting’ is a mode of lighting that focuses on areas where certain tasks are often carried out. Bright lights are strategically placed in places where you’ll be engaging in certain activities for added functionality and efficiency.

Dimmer switches can also come in handy to help you change the ambiance of a room with a touch of a button. Once you have completed a specific task such as cooking with the help of task lighting, you can sit down and enjoy your meal by dimming down the lights a bit. You may also want to turn down the lighting in your bathroom when taking a relaxing bath, but have the same room brightly lit when applying makeup.

Get Your General Lighting Right

General light or ‘ambiance lighting’ is the type of light that fills an entire room. It’s not the type of light that illuminates a specific area or features like a task or accent lighting. General lighting is the most crucial type of lighting in a room. Task and accent lighting will not work if general lighting is not right.

General lighting doesn’t have to be immense. Some bright fluorescent lights may seem ideal for general lighting but they can easily eliminate the ambiance in a room. Your dining room, bedrooms, and lounge all need sufficient but non-harsh general lighting fixtures.

It’s now clear that renovation is not complete without taking care of lighting. If you are renovating your property with the aim of selling it, you should pay close attention to the lighting of each and every room. Potential buyers can be easily turned off by dull and poorly lit rooms. They should not have to squint and struggle to see the key features of each room.


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