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Law Research Paper: 8 Tools to Write Outdoors

FindItMore | Got law research to carry out? You are probably planning a trip to a library or a long road trip to gather useful information for your project. Have you considered using helpful tools to save yourself the long travel?

The internet has made it essay for you to write effectively from your comfort zone without going through the hassle of searching down the library for references and quality information.  

With the right tools, you can effectively carry out comprehensive research on a subject, gather all necessary information, and write your essay, proofread and fact-check your document.

How do you pick out these tools from a large number of writing instruments on the internet without wasting money subscribing to ineffective and fraudulent websites?

We painstakingly carried out extensive research to get the best writing tools that will assist students with their essay tasks but before we go on with the list, here are a few things you should know.

Prepare to Write the Essay Yourself

Although there are tools that will help you write an excellent essay, you have to write the essay yourself. No tool offers you an already written essay. The tools are here to help you not write the whole essay for you.

Follow the Necessary Writing Steps

There are critical steps to writing an essay that applies to every student. Using a writing tool doesn’t change the fact that you have to follow these steps to achieve your desired results.

Here are eight tools to help you write your essay effectively without tearing down the library:

1. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid serves as an online coach, editor and style guide all in one. It reveals your possible writing mistakes like grammatical errors, overused words, vague words, transitions, and a lot of other features.

It also allows you to upload documents and have access to over 20 writing reports to help you improve clarity in writing. Pro Writing Aid comes with MS Word, Open Office, Google Doc, Chrome, and Scrivener to offer you ample editing opportunities.

2. Freemind

Freemind helps in brainstorming and the arrangement of ideas in the writing process in different formats.

It is a mapping tool that allows you to determine workflow and organize complex ideas. This makes you keep your range of ideas well organized instead of the usual sticky notes scattered here and there.

3. Libre Office

A fantastic word processor, Libre Office is available for writers who want a free option to MS Word. It supports a vast number of formats and allows you to create anything with the use of the online editor. This makes it an excellent alternative to Word for all kinds of writing projects.

4. Scribus

Scribus can be used by anyone, and it has professional and rich layouts for creating either a page or a complete magazine. It takes some time to learn how it works, but Scribus is both easy to use and cheaper than tools such as Adobe InDesign.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a great tool that gives you that flexibility to arrange your ideas in many ways. Anything is possible using Evernote, from to-do-list, checklists, writing specific notes to receipts for monitoring business expenses.

This unique tool has about 60 MB of space on the free plan, which is enough for plaintexts. You can upgrade your idea for a fee if you have projects that involve graphics or any larger files.

6. Canva

We don’t have any problems looking for words to use when writing, but we always have to create our images for better illustrations. Canva is a fantastic tool that helps in creating beautiful photos when we need to use them.

The drag and drop templates can be used to make anything like a book cover or Pinterest graphic. If you don’t have time yet to learn Photoshop, Canva can serve as a good alternative for creating high-quality and vibrant graphics.

7. Dairo

Every moment of life is precious, and you may like to document them to keep the memories alive. An advance diary application like Dairo can be used as a journal or for writing notes. If you want a tool that will help you organize your memories and thoughts, Diaro is the right choice.

Directly attach photos to your entries and share them via social media or email. Your password is well-protected, and no one can find what you have stored.

8. Todoist

Todoist is an app that helps writers prioritize and organize their work. Also, with Todoist, you can create to-do-lists and customized schedules for practical work and time management.

The following tools will help you write your law research paper without stress. You can combine a few of them for best results.  

If however you run out of time and need your research project completed correctly for you, you can sign up to for professional law research paper writing services. This company offers quality research and writing services, with lots of testimonials from their satisfied clients across the country.  You can confidently leave your writing needs to its experts and be sure to get the value for every penny.

There are lots of writing services on the internet, and it’s difficult to put your education in the wrong hands. Thousands of essays and research papers find its way to the internet daily, making plagiarism easier every day.


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