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Mix and Match: Watching Out For Men’s Latest Accessories Trends

FindItMore | Wearing accessories that best fits your outfit can instantly transform your look from simple to stylish. The type of accessories we wear for different outfits help complement ourselves, showing others the amount of time and effort we put in to make ourselves look good. But, wearing an accessory that nowhere near fits your style will easily ruin your outfit.

Unlike women, men don’t typically wear accessories or other types of jewelry because they don’t feel comfortable. However, you don’t need to wear a set of them to make a statement anywhere you go, if you don’t feel comfortable. Wearing one or two accessories that will highlight your outfit and style is already enough.

Further, men need to be aware of the way of wearing accessories to match with outfits changes every year. There are various tips and tricks of wearing accessories appropriately to make yourself look awesome. Read on to know more about men’s latest accessories trends, helping you mix and match them with your outfits, and bring out your style.

Watch Out

You need to be aware that wristwatches will never fall out of trend. Wearing a watch to go with any of your outfits is one of the best ways to express yourself. The reason why it is one of the best ways to express yourself is that your style of watch can tell so much about your lifestyle. Thus, you have to keep in mind the choice of watch you wear.

The most followed watch trend is wristwatches with a simple and plain yet elegant design. Watches that don’t have a complicated-looking deck with all the unique features but still looks luxurious is what this trend is all about.

The trend’s primary focus is to look neutral and minimalist so that it doesn’t appear like it seeks attention, but still highlights your entire outfit. An example of a watch would be the Omega Special Manual-winding Ivory Dial. The Omega Special screams elegance with its pink gold case but keeps it classy with the leather strap.

The best part about this trend is that these types of watches are versatile. Versatile in a way that you can wear these watches with classic suits and even with casual outfits.

Bracelet Yourselves

Bracelets have always been a top accessory for men for a long time. The best thing about bracelets is that the choice of bracelets you wear have an impact on your style. Bracelets are also a versatile accessory in which you can pair it with casual, semi-casual, and formal clothes.

However, you have to keep in mind that bracelets shouldn’t be used as a highlight for your outfit. Bracelets should have a subtle detail, but should still be a noticeable part of your outfit.

Casual outfits look best with macrame bracelet, a type of bracelet made of cords or fibers knotted together with links, beads, or charms to accent the bracelet. On the other hand, metallic bracelets or beaded bracelets with metallic accents look best when worn with formal outfits since it looks more luxurious.

Face the Sun

Wearing sunglasses that fits the shape of your face can automatically make you look trendy and stylish on any occasion. Since sunglasses have been known to be timeless and practical, you can also use it to signify your style. You won’t only protect your eyes from the sun, but also have the right pair to match your mood and outfit.

The best pair of sunglasses in trend are the wayfarers or aviators. These two types of sunglasses look best in any outfit due to their neutral colored sunglass lenses. Once you find the best sunglasses that suit your face shape, you can mix and match the colors and textures of the frame and lenses.


Accessories are all about making yourself stand out more, and it helps you feel more confident and comfortable about yourself in any outfit you wear. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it by mixing different styles of colors for each type of trend. Keep in mind that simplicity is beauty. Thus, it’s essential to simplify and match the colors of your accessory.

Watches, bracelets, and sunglasses are the three most trendy accessories nowadays. Always make sure that your watch is an accessory that people will always pay attention to. Also, never go overboard with your bracelets, and always leave on wrist free of them. Lastly, the shape of your face will still matter if you want to wear sunglasses.


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