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Moving From One Property to Another Made Easy with Some Simple Steps!

FindItMore | A tension-free move is the aim of all! Nobody wants to have a stressed move from one property to another. Experts know the stress of it all, so they are going to help you understand the fine tunings of a stress-free move. You need to start planning well ahead of the actual move. Otherwise, you could be stuck in a lot of problem.

The expert movers know how to ensure a peaceful move, without any rush. All you need to do is follow their advice and you will have the coolest move ever! No stress, tension and high-pressure. It is a simple move, not a high-octane action movie. The experts aim at making your move as smooth as sailing on water!

How can you ensure a Tension-free Move from One Property to Another?

Professional movers know the stress you must be going through just thinking about the move! The moving companies have many crews to help you, but that is not the only aspect that you need to take care of. You also need to keep in mind other things that help your move to be easy. What are those, you ask? Well, here are the main aspects you need to take care of:

  1. Disposal Expedition: Go around the house, one room and cupboard at a time! Ask yourself, what you have not touched for the past year. You will be surprised at the list of things you find. If you have not used something in the bygone three hundred and sixty-five days, chances are you shall not use them in the upcoming months and beyond! Unless of course you have some memory attached to something, and would like to hold on as keepsake. But make sure that your keepsake list should be short and crisp. Take them all out and place them in boxes for disposal. If something is too tattered to use, dispose them in a responsible manner. The things that can be used need to be donated to charity. Or, you could look for a consignment store that buys all of it at in bulk. It can be anything, from clothes to electronic devices. Make sure you also pay heed to the environmental concerns while disposing off your belongings.


  1. Start Preparations in Advance: You need to plan your move well in advance. It is not something that you decide and complete in a week. If the property is not owned by you, speak to the landlord or property manager about all the arrangements and call in an end-of-lease cleaning professional. In case, you are the property owner, you will have to make sure that all the preparations are completed without a glitch. So, get your pen and paper! Make a list of all the tasks that you need to complete.


  1. Search for a High-grade Moving Company: You will need the help of the best moving company, you can find. The company needs to be experienced and reputed. Give them a call and set a date for the actual move. Do not forget to ask them about the services they offer with moving. Some companies pack it all up for you as well. So, do not feel shy! Before you pick a moving company, be sure to look at online reviews, testimonials and ask for references.


  1. Get Packing Supplies Ready: You will also need to take care of other aspects like packing supplies. Sure some movers offer it all for you! But, do not take a risk. Ask them and be clear on the subject of packing materials. If the movers do not offer them, no issues just make sure you have the supplies ready. Here is a checklist of all that is needed:
  • Packing Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Material like Packing Peanuts
  • Heavy duty Tape
  • Marker Pens


  1. Take Time to Unpack: Do not rush the unpacking part! It is a crucial part of your move, rather the ending to your move. If you rush, you could end up ruining the complete relaxed experience that you had so far. The movers have done their bit, now the rest is up to you.

Get ready for the most relaxed move ever! Just keep this checklist handy and you will have nothing to worry about. The checklist along with the professional movers will make it all easy for you. Now you can enjoy the whole move in to your new and beautiful property!

Caitlyn Bell

After conducting various surveys and consulting a diverse range of clients, Caitlyn Bell of F&M Bennett & Son has identified the pain points of relocation. Packing, storage and removal are three challenging tasks which top the list.

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