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Must-Have Items for Camping [Infographic]


FindItMore | This day’s world has become connected and dependent on electronic devices, so much that people of all ages are stuck indoors and on their screens. Life has become stressful as a result of constant exposure to technology. Fortunately, an escape is still available for them.

Camping can provide an escape from the stresses of life and technology by immersing one’s self on the outside world, connecting with nature, and enjoying new experiences. While enjoying, there are still safety precautions for you to stay safe and ready.

Pack a first-aid kit for emergency preparedness. Since a camping trip is a break away from civilization, it also means that whatever supplies are available are those that you brought with you including medical items. A good first-aid kit would include bandages, gauze pads, first-aid tape, bandage wraps, scissors, tweezers, antibiotic cream, antiseptics, prescription and allergy drugs, sunscreen, antihistamine cream, hydrocortisone, and mosquito and bug repellants.

Don’t forget the matches when packing especially when you’re an unseasoned camper. A pack of matches makes building fires to keep yourself warm, cook food, and light bug-repellant candles easier. Keep them dry since they are nearly impossible to use once wet.

You’ve got fire but it’s not enough, you’ll need proper shelter to keep you from both the elements and the insects. Bring a tent so that people will have a place to relax in. Pack a sleeping bag too for warmth and comfort when you sleep outdoors.

Ropes come in handy in many ways especially if you can tie different knots. Combine a rope and a tarp, and you’ve got an improvised tent. You can use them as a clothesline by tying to both ends of tree trunks or branches when campers need to wash their clothes. Besides for use in campsites, they can be used for towing objects or to pull people out from a tough situation when hiking or swimming.

In case you’ll need an extra shelter or protection for the bottom of your tent pack some tarp in with the rest of your equipment. Tarps can be set up to either keep of the rain or limit the exposure of sunlight in some areas of your encampment. The resulting shelter can be used for cooking, eating, or lounging in.

Some tools can be of use to you during your camping trip, but you’ll have to be efficient in packing. You’ll need a Swiss Army Knife or a multipurpose tool to instantly have a knife, corkscrew, some pliers, small scissors, and other necessary tools. Because of its size, it won’t use much space in your bag so you’ll be able to pack it without using a heavy bag.

The weather can be unpredictable when camping, so it’s best to be prepared regardless of what the forecaster said. Bring some extra clothing or a light waterproof jacket just in case it rains.

When you need light at your camp during the nighttime, it’s good to use some solar-powered lanterns. They can be charged during the day and used during the night, effectively reducing the need to use one-time-use batteries. Once your trip ends, you can even use the lanterns in your neighborhood when needed.

Written above are some of the necessary tools needed to enjoy a camping trip. D.light’s infographic provides more information regarding what you need to bring to camp.

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