NetBase, AI, and the Social Media Audit

FindItMore | There are few companies that perform a social media audit properly. NetBase is among the select companies that can. Its innovative solutions will be discussed in a later section of this article. First, let’s examine what makes up a social media audit.

The Social Media Audit for Improving Returns on Marketing Campaigns

A company’s social media activities are evaluated alongside performance metrics in an audit. It’s important to conduct an accurate assessment. Consistency of active social profiles serves to communicate the ideas you wish your customers to become aware of. Performance metrics are key. They help leverage a marketplace filled with transparent data. Obviously, any quantitative data must be aligned with company objectives and social feedback to be effective. One last thing to note is the importance of seeking out non-marketing opportunities. Areas, such as CRM can also benefit from the data obtained in a social media audit.

Customized Tools for a Complete Solution

NetBase can provide the best solution because it knows the importance of catering to both the user, as well as, deeply understanding underlying market factors. The company leverages AI tools. Through deeper understanding and innovative technology, NetBase helps companies maximize their social media impact. Below are a few targeted strategies that NetBase uses to meet its client’s objectives:

  • improving brand health
  • increase customer acquisition
  • use cases for innovation
  • supporting new product launches
  • improving influencer marketing

Conducting a valid sentiment analysis is challenging. NetBase is one of the few companies that do it well. It knows the applicable data to prioritize and better understand consumer sentiment. NetBase also has the proper software to appropriately measure this metric. Without a good sentiment analysis, your company will likely miss out on valuable insights into your consumers’ minds. With NetBase, you are not only getting a one-stop social media analytics solution, but you are also getting the brightest minds in the industry to complete your social media audit.

Cost Structure Involved in a Social Media Analytics

Costs associated with a social media audit are well worth allocating into a marketing budget. The audit pays for itself many times over when done right and under good market circumstances. NetBase offers companies customizable solutions. It uses a next-generation suite of artificial intelligence tools to meet your company’s objectives. Because NetBase tailors social media analytics to your company, it’s pricing varies and is dependent upon the task.

The Importance of Accurately Assessing Consumer Sentiment

Marketing professionals found useful performance metrics over the Internet. It took some time, but marketers now have a grasp on how to accurately assess consumer sentiment for specific business operations. Once wooed by competitive statistical models, social media analysts now understand how to precisely extract relevant data. It is true that higher metrics, such as increased likes and/or shares improve the chances of profitability. These traditional metrics have also been used as a sign that current business practices are being successful. However, the industry as a whole has progressed far beyond these early singularly dimensional tools.

Today, social media analytics are about innovative tools that offer increasingly targeted data. This means that you spend less time wondering about how to use data derived from a social media audit and more time in designing tools to hunt down what your company needs. Artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury in this industry. In fact, AI and deep learning-based tools are often the determinants of success between competitors. Your consumers expect more. You just need to know what they want.


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