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Online Shopping For Kids Bags, Boys And Girls Bags

FindItMore | There is a vast collection of school bags for kids, boys and girls available in many online stores. These bags will differ depending on the age of the child. The best bag is the one that will capture a kid’s attention. Before you order a bag online for your child, there are several factors you should take into consideration.

Online Kids Bags

  • Colors

Children especially the young ones will be attracted to bags that have a wide variety of striking colors and those that have a particular theme they can relate with for example cartoons.

  • Tough

The material should be sturdy. Bags made of polyester with a coated backing and inner lining tend to be more firm.

  • Water resistant

Should be waterproof to prevent water damage to books.

  • Durable

It’s not desirable to keep on changing bags. Therefore a bag that will last longer will be the most ideal.

  • Light

Should be light enough so that your child can be able to carry around with ease.

  • Several compartments and space

Should have more room inside and several divisions where they can store toys, pencils, colors, models, snacks, books, and other items. There should be a zipper pocket on the outside where they can pack a bottle of water. It’s also important to teach your child how to organize stuff.

  • Padded straps

Should be a backpack with padded straps that are easily adjustable to make it more comfortable on the shoulders.

School Bags for Boys

Boys prefer school bags that have rather dull colors for example black, brown and grey. They are also attracted to those with animal prints.

While shopping for a boy’s bag, you should consider the following;

  • Radiant Colors

The design should be cool design and with luminous colors. Boys like bags that are unique and those that can stand out from the rest.

  • Large main partition

It is for carrying books, snacks, iPad or other accessories.

  • Rough and tough

Should be rugged and somehow huge but not bulky ideal for other activities like camping and school trips. Should have mesh side pockets for carrying a water bottle.

  • Lockable

The bag should be lockable for safe storage of your child’s belonging

  • Padded Shoulder Straps

Should be padded, adjustable, and large with a handle on top to carry comfortably.

  • Durability

Leather bags are preferable for long lasting.

Girls Bags

School Bags for Girls

Schoolgirls prefer colors that are cool and less shouting.

While choosing the bag, look out for one that is;

  • High quality

Preferably made of polyester. A bag that will last long will also give you value for your money.

  • Should be lightweight

Should be easy to carry around and water resistance to protect the books and other stuff

  • Padded handle

Should have an expanded grasp that is easier to carry. It also reduces the pressure on the shoulders and back while moving around.

  • Large enough

Should be significant but not burdensome so that it can fit books and folders. The middle pocket can be used to store hats and gloves.

  • Bag organizer

It is a small bag inside that can be used to store pencils, snacks, and markers. A mesh side pocket is ideal for holding water bottles.

  • Multi-purpose

Other than carrying bags, your child should be able to use it for camping, travelling and school trips


The ideal school bag for your kid therefore is one that is comfortable to carry, big size and unique.


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