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Plan to Buy a Used Truck? Things to Consider While Buying One!

FindItMore | A truck can serve you many purposes! Whether you run your own small-scale business, or a large-scale transportation business, you need to have a fleet of trucks. Many may tempt you with the proposal of a new one! But, do not listen to them. A used truck will be the best solution for you.

Used trucks from reputed companies come to your rescue. The used truck companies and dealers have a huge fleet ready for you. Various brands and models of used trucks are standing in wait for you. There are many such companies that can offer you so many truck options. But, you need to know what to look for! If you do not research and invest in the first company that you find, you may get stuck with third grade trucks. So, make sure that you purchase used trucks from companies, which are highly reputed! Even then, ensure that you are satisfied with the purchase!

What are the Factors that you need to Pay Attention to?

  • Start by preparing the checklist and then stick to it! Here is the checklist:
  • What are your trucking requirements?
  • Do you have a strict budget or a flexible one?
  • What is your budget?
  • Have you narrowed down your search to a few models and brands?
  • What kind of history does the truck have?
  • What are the best financing and insurance options?

This is a simple checklist. You can follow it, but you need to know some technicalities as well. Apart from this checklist there are some more factors that need your attention. Now here are the points that are crucial, while you take a decision on which used truck to buy:

  1.   A History Check: The quality and condition of the truck is definitely important. But, before you get into the nitty-gritty of that factor, there is something that you need to pay attention to. The factor is a picture of the truck’s background. You need to know details about its history. Without knowledge about this, you could run into huge problems in the future, including legal problems. Here is a checklist of the truck’s history that you need to look into:
  • Record of maintenance and oil change
  • History about any prior accidents
  • Recent upgrades in the truck
  • Reason for the truck being sold
  • Check for any parts that may need replacement
  • Record about the engine model’s performance
  1. Quality Inspection: Post the history-check, you need to understand the quality of the truck. You need a truck that will be able to perform amazingly well. Without the performance check, you can be stuck with a truck that stalls every few miles. Here is a checklist for your performance quality inspection:
  • Have a look at the present oil level. You need to check both the engine and transmission oil levels. If you have any doubts the oil change records will be helpful.
  • Trucks are subject to continued exposure to sun, rain and snow. The body bears a lot of wear and tear! So, do not forget to check the body thoroughly for any part that may have caught rust or become damaged.
  • Have a look at the mileage of the truck with the help of the odometer. This is an indicator of the truck’s health. Just be ready with your preferred models’ appropriate mileage list, post which engine change may be needed.
  • Never forget to check the tread on all the tyres. This is bound to be overlooked and forgot in the chaos of technical checks. This is a sign of whether the trucks have run its fair share of trips.
  1.  Mechanical Operation Assessment: The final aspect includes the mechanical and operational factors. This dictates whether the truck will fit your needs! Here is what you need to see:

The type of axle layout is important. This will help you decide on the truck according to the load that you have to carry. The options are:

  • Full-floating Axle Shaft: is good for medium and heavy duty trucks that can carry more weight.
  • Semi-floating or Non-floating Axle Assembly: this arrangement is good for lighter trucks and SUVs.

Ask about the towing capacity and engine horsepower as well. Your need will dictate what kind of truck you need.  Higher horsepower and towing capacity is needed for heavier tasks.


If you have the aid of a reputed truck company, then you literally have nothing to worry about. But God forbid, you get stuck with a mediocre used truck dealer, you will need to be extra careful. We have mentioned a whole checklist of things that you will need to take care of! Keep this handy, and you shall be good. Happy trucking to you.

Max Fleming

'The used car industry is ruthless', says Max Fleming. He has been an avid reader and part of the automobile industry as a business consultant at Malcolm Taylor Commercials, which has made her realize the significance of reputation of your brand and life of the vehicle.

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