Popular Clothing Accessories to Wear in 2019

FindItMore | There is no doubt that your choice for clothing accessories can break or make your outfit. For this reason you need to make sure that you are always on point while going out. While choosing the perfect sunglasses, shoes, tops and handbags can be tricky, the designers and street fashion stars are regularly leading the way to present what fashion is hot right now. If you are looking to keep your wardrobe up to date here is a list of new clothing fashion trends you should know.

Blazers with Bike shorts

Perhaps you have seen designers and celebrities on the streets in bike shirts matched with blazers. While this outfit may not be for an office or the gym it is perfect for an outing or even attending your friends’ birthday party. The outfit offers a spectacular mix of tailoring and sportswear that give a striking chic look. You also have an option a numerous designs to choose from including checked or linen blazers. The bike shorts can be matched with all kind of shoes including high heels or flat shoes. Shopping goers love this outfit since it makes it easier to move around unlike those long party dresses that can be quite restricting when you’re at a social event.

Boiler suits

Boiler suit is a new design that has hit the street major fashion cities this year. Originally designed for manual workers, designers have found a way to take advantage of the functionality of the boiler suits and turn them to a fashion statement. To rock the streets, pick the color that pleases you, along with a matching pair of shoes and earrings. Your friends will be left speechless. These jumpsuits come in many varieties including long sleeves and short sleeves options. You can also go for the button or the zip option depending on your taste.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were a trending fashion in the 90’s but they are back on the scene this year. If you are looking for a lavish way to shield your face from the unforgiving sun then make sure you get a variety of bucket hats. For an extra touch try choosing the ones available in classic prints such as checks or a striking color like orange or pink.

Shrunken bags

Any outfit cannot be complete without a matching hand bag. Celebrities lead the way in the latest fashion accessories of this type, and currently, they are going with a new trend of tiny handbags. This is because they are both deemed cute and easy to carry. With enough space for credit card and a phone, you can match your tiny pouch with any outfit. This new wave of handbags come in different shapes and colors thus you will not be short of options. Elk has ladies clothing that fits perfectly with these accessories and their styles and designs make sure you will look great all the time.

Puff shoulders

You may have noticed lately that fashion shows are showcasing designs with minimal trends that have extravagant strokes of fabric. Over sized silhouettes and bold ruffles sent a clear statement of the return of the 80’s dresses and blouses bursting with puffiness are hot property right now. Combined with the right outfit, puffed can give a statement of power and style.

Do not get left behind in the fashion stakes. It is time you update your wardrobe and if you choose a style from the above trends, you will never miss an invite to a popular function or girls’ day out.


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