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POTS vs IP Telephony System – Which is Better?

FindItMore | Technological advancements are always for the better. However, as consumers, we need to know the logic behind what drives us to such a change. Here, we discuss how the Plain Old Telephone Service is not good enough when compared to the Internet Protocol telephony system.

If you have the 289 area code and you still use POTS to service your private branch exchange system, it is time for a change. IP telephony system offers speedier usage, quality multimedia streaming, cheaper rates, and much more. All small to big companies are marching towards this system of communication.

How IP telephony system is is better than POTS?

Below are some of the most noticeable differences that make people shift to IP telephony system from POTS:

  1. Cost

As per research IP and VoIP systems help you save around 90% of telephone costs compared to the traditional method. It just needs you to make an initial expenditure, and you reap forever. Even installing or maintain the system is cheap and can be done by any network engineer.

The primary way that helps you cut costs is because you don’t need to use proprietary hardware or upgrade them. The T-1 lines need you to pay for the channel even when you don’t use it. However, with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, IP makes you spend as much as you apply. SIP also helps you have access to audio and videos when conferencing and offer more privacy features to enhance conversations.

  1. Telephone service

POTS needs hardwired configurations that are integrated with the T-1 line. The IP system uses Saas and helps you integrate your telephone system with essential business applications. These can include emails, customer information, SMS features, and more. The tool allows customers to have better interaction with the staff and that enhances customer satisfaction.

  1. Agility and scalability

You will need an IP telephony system when considering remote offices. You don’t have to install multiple physical telephonic systems and can log into the system’s web interface to add one more line. Without any additional hardware, the remote office can become completely mobile. The enterprise can scale the level of communication up and down with the IP solution.

  1. Integrates with current infrastructure

The IP telephony system easily connects with the existing legacy system and hardware that can include alarms, fax machine, credit card readers, and more. Since IP integrates with the business application, so does your legacy system. Suppose you need to send or receive a fax, you can work it out through your email. You will find better speed while transmitting card details. In short, the overall functionality and productivity of the business become better.

  1. Transmission of multimedia content

IP system is more than just having voice calls. It helps you have conference calls through both audio and video. It enables you to commence meeting while streaming other audiovisuals as per requirement. POTS did not support such feature, which is why people are eliminating their usage. IP systems don’t cause any hindrance regarding software or hardware issues and offer best quality conference calls.

  1. Great on bandwidth

Finally, one more reason that makes IP telephony better is the way it impacts their bandwidth and data usage. According to research, almost 35% – 50% of a conversation is spent in silence. It cuts down bandwidth that you might need. The IP system uses voice activation detection (VAD) and compresses silent data as much as possible. When there is silence, the IP system searches for total bandwidth allocation and makes conversations better.

IP system helps you make long distance calls easily. They are cheaper than ever and much less than POTS. You must consider shifting to this system. As per reports, the cost of international calls has gone down by half for companies that use VoIP.

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