Quarterhill’s Acquisition of Paradigm Capital

FindItMore | Quarterhill warns its investors that 2018 will be a tough year for them but the analyst of Paradigm Capital says he has observed enough positive changes that will recommend investors buy Quarterhill (TSX< NASDAQ: QTRH) again. This comes after the announcement from Quarterhill has gained strong results from its Wi-LAN subsidiary, the company expects revenue for the third quarter between $72.5-million and $82.55 million and that of EBITDA would be between $50 million and $56 million.

Meanwhile, Shaun McEwan said, “We are very pleased to have such a substantial contribution from Wi-LAN this quarter”. The expected results from the third quarter will provide a significant boost to their cash position, which will assist in the growth of Quarterhill. Kim says despite these tremendous changes in the organization, “On the back of a strong license renewal, which was in part motivated to get a jump on pending accounting changes ending this New year, QTRH updated their third quarter outlook with record guidance”. Kim also alerts the investors that the beginning of 2018 will be tough and bumpier.

In a research, we found that Kim upgraded Quarterhill from “Hold” to “Buy” and raised a year price target on the stock from $2.00 to $2.75. Kim has planned that Quarterhill will generate EBITDA of $60.1 million on revenue of $132.7 million in fiscal 2017. He also expects those numbers will decrease and fall to EBITDA of $21.4 million on a top-line of $109.1 million the next following year.

Well, it’s true that this announcement has pushed the variation of the shares back into buy territory, in their opinion by trading at 1.9x 2017eEV/EBITDA and 3.6x P/E.

What is Paradigm Capital?

Paradigm capital is a Canadian venture representative possessed merchant primarily centered around organizations with phenomenal long haul, mainstream development attributes. With their accentuation on persistence and a point of enterprise, the group of Paradigm has extraordinary ability in their organization and segments they cover. Paradigm Capital extends their support to companies in many sectors such as,

  • Mining
  • Biotechnology & Healthcare
  • Industrial Products
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Special Situations

The clients indulged with Paradigm are expected to achieve their goals and maximize value for their investors and shareholders, also to meet the company’s needs for capital-raising solutions and strategic advisory services. The long-term help and advice from Paradigm help the companies associated with them to achieve their goals.


Paradigm offers a capital-raising solution to both corporate clients including public and private sectors of placements of equity and debt securities. Each program is designed by the paradigm in such a way that it provides an effective solution for the clients and their investors. Investment team of Paradigm has experienced staff who has over 200 years of combined industry & transaction into innovative financial products.


The experienced team of Paradigm provides advisory services to the companies in core sectors, including general strategic advice, transaction-specific advice regarding acquisitions. Spin-offs, special committees, and takeover defenses.


Paradigm organization has well-experienced expertise which provides full depth of structural transactions which satisfies current best strategies in governance and be determined to be financially fair to shareholders.

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