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Reasons Behind Your Website Low Ranking in the Google Search

FindItMore | There are so many people or companies face the difficulties to get rank in the Google or other search engine result. To seeing the value of the SEO, every SEO company in Ahmedabad understand it very well.

There is a lot of information you can take before doing the search engine optimization, and it can really increase the difficulty of the decision. While only an effective SEO strategy will take many months to get positive results for a company, and the tactics may not make sense for those who don’t know about SEO, it can make a significant improvement in a company’s online earnings.

Getting to the top of the search engine results that can improve the exposure of your company. You must be thinking that

Why is not your website on the top?

Your website may be struggling to get to the top for so many reasons. It seems that you have been doing SEO for a long time without getting the best results.

Possibilities that may affect your website ranking:

Here are the reasons or possibilities your website is not getting the ranking on Google.

  1. You did not give enough time

Always remember that,

SEO is not a miracle that turns your website ranking.

All the things must be done, and they must be done in order. Even if it takes time to research, create and implement a strategy and start producing content. Google takes more time to realize that changes have been made, and then it must wait for the search engine to determine if it is really providing a new value.

  1. Your target keywords are competitive

While it is nothing wrong with the selection of competitive keywords, and it would be better if you chose the right area and select the keywords you can classify with the authority of your current domain.

You can try to start small and choose the easiest keywords to go first. You can expand and target more competitive keywords as your website grows.

  1. Your website is new in this domain

Maybe your website is very new and you have not created too much content or link and your website is not still classified.

Mostly you need these two things to get the high position in the search results.

  1. Powerful Backlinks
  2. High-quality Content

In addition, there is a waiting period in which new websites with lower results are maintained. The most competitive niches tend to have a longer waiting period.

  1. Your content simply lacks quality

Don’t prefer the “Long Content” over “High Quality”

Although it is true that the longer content generally has better performance, like full of the 2000 words, if it filled with over words, and from that, you cannot get the rank of your website.

So what should you do?

Look at the competitors in the search results for your target keywords, after studying them you should try to match the quality of the content in terms of the depth, length and optimization on the page.

  1. Your website is not compatible with mobile

The use of mobile devices is overtaking the desktop platform, so it is vital to have a website compatible with mobile devices.

If you do not consider that, then ready for the undesired results. Ideally, your site is viewed on a mobile or iPad. And if it is not correct, then people may felt bad user experience and then Google will definitely punish you.

At last, what you should do?

  • Create a logical website
  • Make your site load as soon as possible
  • Use the SEO plugin to optimize all the tags
  • Publish engaging and unique content
  • Follow the SEO checklist and use the strategy to optimize

If you can’t do this then the first and foremost technique is to hire the SEO company Ahmedabad, or you can follow the above information and try to take your website in Google ranking.

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