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Reasons Why One Loses Twitter Followers

FindItMore | Social media with the launch of Twitter witnessed a widespread popularity and usability. Many people started using Twitter. It allows people to share their views on any topic, news, happenings etc. in addition to allowing them to comment on anyone’s views and ideas. One of the greatest offerings of Twitter has been that it has set up a trend where people react on a decision and action taken by any famous personality be it a politician, an actor, a sportsman, a businessman, etc. Many people regularly update their Twitter page by twitting regularly on preferred matters. They seek an audience in the form of followers. You can follow any person’s Twitter account to regularly view his opinions, posts, comments, and ideas. The more you have the followers, more popular your ideas and comments will be. Try out Twitter to unfollow app.

Getting a substantial amount of followers on twitter is considered to be an achievement. It makes you popular. But there is a significant possibility of losing your Twitter followers that can be attributed to many reasons. In many cases, there has been a steady decrease in the number of Twitter followers for a person. Hence if you desire to maintain your followers and get it increased instead of getting decreased, it is important to know the reasons as to why people unfollow on Twitter. Some of the most important reasons are:

  • Offending your followers: This is the most important reason why you lose your followers. It may be possible that your twits and comments are offending a particular section of society or some people. They would surely like to avoid your twits and comments and may unfollow you in pursuance of it. The most effective way to avoid this problem is to avoid twitting extreme opinions and ideas on a religion, race and, political figures.
  • Too much self-promotion: Getting your Twitter account encircled by self-promoting messages and posts and spams can drive your followers towards unfollowing you. People generally don’t like posts and messages that are centered around a person. Posting frequently about promotions and spams also trigger your followers to unfollow you. So you need to avoid such self-centered posts and spams.
  • Being unfollowed by someone whom you follow is really annoying. You can take the help of Twitter to unfollow app to pinpoint persons whom you follow but they don’t. you can accordingly unfollow them.
  • Not interesting any more: If you happen to lose the engaging and entertaining capabilities of your messages and posts, you may be unfollowed. People easily get bored of one idea or concept. They seek new imaginations and innovative ideas and messages.
  • Too much of Hash tagging: Hash tagging is a way of linking a tweet based on a common idea to rest of such related tweets. It allows a person to search for all the twits on a related to a particular matter. Often it is used by internet marketers to pinpoint their customers on the basis of their perceptions drawn from their tweets. It annoys people when their accounts get flooded by marketers’ advertisements due to your hash tag tweets. So you need to avoid excessive hash tagged tweets.

If you want to increase your followers, you need to consider these mistakes and avoid committing them.


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