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Recover Deleted Files from Computer with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

FindItMore | If you usually save important files on your hard drive, SSD or USB memory, it is never a bad thing to have data recovery software installed. Although you can be cautious, you can accidentally delete any folder with documents, photos or videos, among other files. There are many programs that are used to recover files, but today we will focus on EaseUS data recovery software

As its name suggests, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is data recovery software. There are several versions, one of them is free, but it has certain limitations. However, to recover files that do not have a considerable size is enough, for example, JPEG photos or documents.

When you download free data recovery software named as EaseUS then with the free version you can recover up to 500 MB, but if you share the software you can recover up to 2 GB. At the top of the program you will see an icon to share the tool on social networks; if you do you will get 1.5 GB extra.

Feature of EaseUS Data Recovery Free Software

  • The software does not need a large amount of computer power.
  • The free trial allows up to 500 MB of recovered files for free.
  • Very decent data recovery ratio.
  • Simple and friendly user-interface
  • Scan process is very fast

How to recover deleted files By EaseUS

The EaseUS data recovery software is very easy to use, has a very intuitive user interface. In a few steps you can recover the deleted files. Next, we’ll see how it works.

When you open the program, the units that your team has appear, you have to select the one where the data that you have deleted either wanted or by an oversight. You can also specify a location, since just like you want to retrieve the data from a folder and not the entire unit. Once you select the unit you just have to click on Scan.

Then you will see that it does a quick scan and then a deep one, at all times it tells you how much time it needs to finish. In addition, you can select what type of files you want to search: all kinds of files, images, audio, documents, videos, email and others.

The scan time can vary, everything depends on if you are looking for all types of files, a specific type and the size of the unit. Sometimes the process can take a long time.

Once finished, at the top it will show the number of files found in both the fast and the deep scan, as well as the total size of the files to be recovered. You simply have to search and select what files you want to recover. Finally, click on Recover.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is data recovery software that works well as long as the files to be recovered are not large, otherwise you have to buy the Pro or Pro + WinPE version. Both versions do not have a limit of data to recover, also have free updates for life and technical support. The good thing about the Pro + WinPE version is that it allows you to recover data even if the system fails.

The software of EaseUS stands out for its user interface and simplicity, something that we have commented previously. The only downside would be in the limitation of data to recover; in some cases it may be insufficient. On the other hand, you can always try the software, if it convinces you and you see that you will use it then you have two options; buy the Pro or Pro + WinPE version.


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