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Ring Finger Symbolism and Significance

FindItMore | Rings are an essential jewelry item that adds oomph to your personality whether you are a man or a woman. Earlier it was only married people who were observed flashing their wedding rings which gave insights about their fashion sense and personality. But with changing times you can easily spot people wearing rings on all fingers regardless of their relationship status which surely adds bling to their persona. This trend can easily have us believe that the only goal of wearing rings is to elicit style quotient. The reality is however completely different as each ring finger serves special significance in our lives. That does not mean we can wear a ring in any finger we wish to if the goal is to seek benefits from these rings. It is therefore vital to know the symbolism behind each ring finger before you go ahead with buying rings for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at the relevance of five ring fingers and the benefits they bring.

Significance of Ring Fingers

According to astrology, planets govern different aspects of our life and body which is attributed to the distinct personality traits found in different people. These planets are closely linked with every ring finger in our hands. Wearing rings on these specific fingers is believed to influence the effect of planets in several spheres of our lives. Observing the form and size of each finger reveals many details about the person.

  1. Little Finger (Pinky Finger)

Rings on the little finger is the latest trend catching up in the fashion circle right now. This finger is linked with planet Mercury. This finger is related to quick intelligence, good communication, and a strong intuition. A person wearing a signet ring on this finger shows very little interest in any kind of cultural or religious beliefs. A person flashing this ring is perceived to be a good negotiator. Besides, a pinky ring on the right-hand indicates one’s professional status.

  1. The Ring Finger (Wedding Finger)

The fourth finger is considered as the most important finger for wearing rings. That’s why it got its name as ‘ring finger’. People who are married or engaged are generally found wearing a ring on this finger. However, a slight difference is observed in people belonging to different cultures regarding the practice of wearing the wedding ring. For example, in some regions, people who are engaged wear a ring on the ring finger of the right hand while those who are married wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. This finger is governed by the Sun or the Greek god Apollo. This finger denotes warmth and love in our life.

  1. Middle Finger (Third Finger)

It is very rare to see a person wearing a ring on his middle finger. However, if one wears it, it plays the role of adding toughness and style to one’s personality. It also denotes self-analysis, responsibility and also beauty. This finger is ruled by Saturn, which controls wisdom and discipline in our life. The location of this finger makes it good for wearing rings which helps bring balance in the overall appearance.

  1. Index Finger (Pointer finger)

Being the most visible finger, the index finger represents power and authority. If you want to bring instant attention to your prized ring collection, wearing them on the index finger is the best thing you can do. If a person wears a ring on the index finger of his active hand then it denotes great qualities of leadership, confidence, and self-esteem. The planet at play in this finger is Jupiter, which controls guidance and ambition in our life. This means wearing a ring on the index finger might help us a bit to put our life on track by showing us the right path.

  1. Thumb

Thumb appears to be the most active part of hand used in all kinds of mechanical jobs. Hence, seeing a ring on thumb signifies a high position and wealth. If a person is involved in hard labor wearing a thumb ring might intrude into his ability to do certain tasks with ease. Since it is located away from the rest of the fingers, it also means alienation. Neptune, the god of water, is the planet that influences the thumb. Placing a ring on the thumb denotes change and transient nature.

Once you know the relevance of each ring finger, it’s worth spicing up your jewelry collection with the trendiest rings available in online stores. The designers around the world are coming up with hottest ring designs like midi-rings, half finger rings and even sets of two to more finger rings to lend quirkiness to your looks. So, don’t wait any longer and invest in some trendy rings to jazz up your style quotient this year.

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