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Safety Tips for Dogs to Handle Fireworks

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FindItMore | Fireworks are fun and fascinating for us humans but what about our canine friends? Do they also love the fireworks? No, most studies reveal that dogs get frightened when they hear firecrackers. The sound irritates their nervous system and they get anxious or scared. They also tend to get cranky and agitated and start whimpering when they are frightened. Dog owners have declared the 4th of July as the worst day for them and their pets as fireworks are inevitable on a particular day and their beloved pets are sure to get spooked and run havoc in the household. Fireworks become torture for dogs and other pets.

When the celebrations happen and fireworks begin, the spooked pets try to run helter-skelter trying to escape the noise and the light emitted from these firecrackers. In doing so, they either hurt themselves or get lost in the crowd. More and more animals show up at the vet’s clinic after the 4th of July celebrations.

The vibrations on the ground when the crackers go off and the sudden boom from them are more than enough reasons to get them scared and disorientated.

How we can help

As much as we love our dogs, we have to be prepared well in advance and make sure to keep our dogs calm and happy before the fireworks start.

Prepare in advance

You know the celebrations are around, so be in full preparation mode to help your dog stay calm during the fireworks time. Make arrangements for your dog to stay someplace away from the noise of the crackers, maybe a family member who stays outskirts of the countryside or a dog daycare which have provisions to keep the dogs away from all the noise.

Proper accommodations

Look for a place to leave your dog somewhere he is less likely to get scared due to the fireworks. Taking your dogs to the place where fireworks are going to happen is a big no-no. Find them a sitter who can divert them from the loud sounds of the firecrackers and can also provide comfort in case they do get scared.  In case you are staying home with your dog try finding them closed accommodations like a crate or a box as dogs get soothed in closed spaces during turbulent times. Keeping the blinds and doors closed also helps to keep them calm.

Acclimatizing as an option

Getting your dog used to the loud sound is a good option to keep them calm during the fireworks. Playing CDs with loud sounds or even the sound of firecrackers at higher volumes makes it easy for them to stay calm and get used to the loud sounds during the actual fireworks, thus preventing them from getting scared.


Though not overly suggested, certain sedatives and calming medications are helpful in calming agitated pets. But do keep in mind to administer these medications at the right time under expert guidance. Over dosage or the wrong time may have an ill effect on your pet. Administer the sedatives well in advance, before the fireworks are to start. If the dog is already spooked and scared, the medications are of no use at all.

Comfort them with words

As we soothe a crying child with soothing and comforting words, the same we can do with our dogs. Whispering to them to stay calm and to relax, saying that everything will be ok, does help them in staying calm. Showing excitement and making no big deal out of the fireworks make them feel less threatened by the sounds and lights from the fireworks.

Sound therapy

There are many audios available in the market that many pet owners have found to have a great effect on their pets during loud sounds. When these music-based audios are played before the onset of the fireworks, they help in keeping the dogs calm and happy.

By following the above tips we can keep our cuddly, adorable pets away from the harm’s way that they go through when firecrackers are lit all around. We can and should make an extra effort to help our pets be calm and happy during the loud fireworks.

One more piece of advice is to properly tag them with their names and address so that they can be returned home, in case they get lost.

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