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Simple Steps to Get More Views on Instagram Stories

FindItMore | Instagram story is the updated and most powerful feature of Instagram. Instagram story is commonly used for social media marketing as well as business and brand promotion. If your Instagram story is great and unique but has fewer views on that story then it is useless. For more engagements and reaches, you need maximum views on your story, but nowadays it seems impossible because of high competition. This is possible if you follow some tips and tricks, here we are going to tell you some efficient ways for increasing your Instagram story views, to get more views on Instagram stories to read the whole article carefully.

1. Show Creativity in Story

Creativity in the story is the best key for gaining maximum views and permanent followers. As like snapchat people sharing their daily life pictures on the story, this is ok for a personal account but if you have a business account then you should need to upload to content related to your brand or business, the content should be creative, unique and eye catchy. Always create more than 4 creative posts for the Instagram story because the post on story disappear after 24 hours, so for keeping bond with the people you should have to upload the post on the story after every 6 hours. You can create the animated video related to your brand and then you can upload on the Instagram story because people love to see animated videos and this is the best trick for gaining maximum views for the Instagram story and gaining loyal and real followers.

2. Post the Story Regularly

As we mentioned above, Instagrams story is removed after 24 hours. If People on the Instagram love to see your content on story and you are uploading just one story a day then you creating distraction between you and your audience just because the user can see only 4 top stories on the top of the home screen and probably he or she will not open other than those stories so for showing yourself on the top you need to maintain the bond between you and the audience. For keeping the contact between you and your audience upload the content consistently on the story, for uploading the content, again and again, you need to create again and again then it does not mean you will compromise on the quality of the content, so we are suggesting you always ready your 4 best posts for Instagram story and upload them after every 6 hours so how your story will show to the top of every user’s Instagram home page.

3. Ask the Question and Poll to Audience

Ask the question and poll is the best way to get more views on Instagram stories. It is considered as one of the best functions in the Instagram story. People ask questions and polling question to audience and audience love to answer them. You can also use this trick; you can ask questions to people related trending topics such as you can ask the question which team will win the cricket world cup? Or you can ask a question related to your brand, for example, do you want to see a demo of our new product? As well as you can ask which product you like most of our brand? In this question you can provide different options as a poll to audience and audience will choose of them.

4. Put Your Current Location

This tip will help you to gain views from your nearby areas. If you have mentioned your current location on your Instagram story then the people near your surroundings if searching for the same content then probably your content will show in the search list. This is the best way of gaining more views in a short time. This trick will help you to increase your awareness among the people near your surroundings. Most people especially celebrities and influencers do not use this feature because of privacy and security issues but if you are doing your brand promotion then you should not feel afraid in sharing your current location because it is much better for gaining more views on story and brand promotion.

5. Use Hashtags in Story

For instant boost on the story you should use hashtags on your story, Instagram allows you maximum 30 hashtags on a per story, but it does not mean you stuff your story with just hashtags. Hashtags are the most powerful way of getting maximum reaches on the story. There are many applications and websites are available those are providing free hashtags in different categories, you can easily get hashtags for your post. We recommend you always use trending and popular hashtags to get more views on Instagram Stories because of these kinds of hashtags people are doing searches frequently. The most important thing is that always use hashtags relevant to your content or brand.


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