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Simple Tricks To Wake Up Energized Every Day Without Hitting The Snooze Button

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FindItMore | One of the hardest things to do for many people is to get out of the bed in the morning. Without a good night’s sleep, it’s impossible for you to feel strong, positive and energized in the morning. These genius tips will help you leave your bed in the morning energized without hitting the snooze button.

  1. Establish A Nighttime Routine

The first and foremost step to wake up refreshed is to establish a nighttime habit. This can help you sleep peacefully every night. Here is an example of the night time and wake up routine that you can follow

Go to bed at a consistent time

Avoid caffeine or other sugary and spicy foods at least 3 hours before bedtime

Limit your alcohol

Have a well-balanced diet

Take a shower before bedtime or do meditation

Don’t have a look at the clock in the middle of your sleep

In the same way, you can also consistent wake-up time in the morning, which will make your body and mind conditioned to your sleep timing.

  1. Put Your Alarm Strategically

Place your alarm strategically so that you should get out of your bed to turn it off. Placing an alarm within your hand’s reach can make it easy for you to hit the snooze button. Once your foot hits the floor, your temptation to get back to bed and sleep again reduces. Also, set up a soul-stirring alarm music than the default one.

  1. Expose Your Bedroom To Light And Let The Sunshine In

If your bedroom is too dark, it might make it difficult for you to get up in the morning. Sunlight is the natural alarm that informs the biological clock that it’s time to get up. Adjust your curtains and avoid dark walls in your bedroom which might prevent the natural light from entering your room. You can actually feel more refreshed and stimulated while you wake up to natural sunlight than waking up to a dark bedroom.

  1. Get A Good Sleep With A Good Mattress

What you are sleeping on plays an important role in giving you a good night’s sleep. Only with a good night’s sleep you can wake up energized in the morning. Sleep patterns and positions differ from one another. Some prefer to sleep on a soft mattress while some prefer the firm ones. Sleeping on the mattress that doesn’t suit your body type or sleeping position can cause discomfort and reduced blood flow. It can interrupt your sleep and might make you feel tired in the morning.

Finding the right mattress can help you. The technology has come a long way and manufacturers now use different materials and technology to make a mattress that can provide you the best possible comfort. There are various mattress manufacturers like MMFoam, Peps India, Sprinwel, Firboflex, etc… offering high-quality and comfortable mattresses. If you own an old, uncomfortable bed, buy yourself a new best brand mattress.

  1. Avoid Taking Your Electronics To Your Bed

Spending most of your time in front of the electronics before your bedtime can actually affect your sleep. The blue light emitted from the electronics like television, laptops, mobile phones or tablets restricts the release of melatonin and other hormones that helps us fall asleep. Avoid taking these devices to your bed and manipulate your environment that can encourage sleep.

  1. Get Fresh Air And Exercise/Meditate

Fresh air and exercise is said to suppress the hormone melatonin, which helps in bringing good sleeping cycle at night. It also helps in energizing the body and reduce anxiety and depression. Doing exercise or meditation not only ensures you a good sleep at night, but also helps you fall asleep more easily which in turn helps you get up early in the morning.

To sum up…

It’s time to re-assess your sleeping habits. Sleep is a priority and not a negotiation. Start your good night’s sleep with best mattress that can give you a lot of benefits and can make you live your life to the fullest. Make sure you wake up on time with these genius tips. Happy mornings!!!

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