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The new Audi AI: Trail

FindItMore | Last week at the Frankfurt auto show, Audi unveiled a new adventure-vehicle concept car that is designed to show a concept for sustainable mobility of the track. Introducing the all-new Audi AI: Trail which is set to complete a quartet of ideas that proves the luxury brand can pull off autonomous-driving modes and an all-electric powertrain providing you a vehicle for almost any kind of automotive lifestyle.  With the creation of this new vehicle, Audi improves on electric cars from the past decade and create more of the potential of going fully electric. According to Audi Wilmington (Wilmington, DE), the creation of the AI: Trail also allows for more flexibility for vehicles to be strikingly different and varied in design when put up against models with a combustion engine.

Audi’s AI: Trail has four electric motors which sum up to 435 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque while an ample battery capacity brings the driving range up to 311 miles on a single charge. During on-road driving, the AI: Trail uses traditional controls, but in specific situations, it can take over responsibility for the driver. Additionally, the AI: Trail provides expert crawling up off-road trails, and an all-new gearing system was chosen to deliver strong wheel torque in off-roading. Also included are 22-inch wheels and large 33.5-inch big-sidewall tires and offers a max speed of 81 mph. Impressively this spectacular off-road vehicle can ford up to 19 inches of water and 13.4 inches of ground clearance.

With an exceptionally tall design of 5.5 feet overall, the AI: Trail has a one-box passenger-cell design and delightfully sharp creasing around the cabin to give it the look of a Logan’s Run vehicle brought to life. It’s a design that seems to be inspired by lunar-rover designs, including a passenger pod over its large wheels. With a lot of glass around and overhead, the AI: Trail gives you an impeccable view for off-roading. The retractable running boards help with ease of access while an optical-sensor system reads the surface and adjusts tire pressure accordingly. In place of a steering wheel, the AI: Trial comes with a yoke and a minimal set of buttons. The interior is laced with recycled textiles, reprocessed wool, and recycled leather, making it environmentally friendly. Second-row seats come with a hammock-like design to help it save weight.

With its mix of high-strength steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum, the AI: Trail weighs less than 3,900 pounds even with its high capacity battery. Also, the headlights are drones that detach from the vehicle and go airborne helping light the way when off-roading, or a neighboring area when parked. The features show Audi’s commitment to innovation, and on top of that, it just looks cool.

One of the more interesting tidbits is that Audi envisions a whole line of AI concept vehicles as an entirely new mobility system. Consumers can order a car, and have it configured to their personal preferences, including things such as color, interior, and options. Also, they can get further customized features like preferred interior temperature, seat adjustments, and music preference when they step into the vehicle.


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