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Tips On How to Make Your Household More Inviting And Warmer

FindItMore | A person cannot live alone, that is for sure, and for years, isolation has proven to be one of man’s hardest obstacles. It is depressing, unwelcoming, tiring and demotivating. You can lose all good traits or worse, your sanity. Although it’s good to be alone sometimes, it is not recommended, even for introverts. Even they need a friend or some company every now and then, just to avoid getting sucked into the endless pit of loneliness, and that is why it is very important to know how to set things right, so that people will not hesitate to spend time with you.

This all starts at home. Having a house is one of the most important things/events that can or might happen in your life. It is your place of Zen, a chamber of peace, an escape from reality and a gateway to the imaginary, somewhere to relax after a hard and stressful day at work. How it looks like will be up to you, but of course, if you want to attract, please or just make your guest, friends and relatives feel better than home, you need to make a few changes, not necessarily a makeover, but rather, an upgrade. And to do that, just follow these simple tips on how to make your household more inviting and warmer.

Swing Away

If your home has a porch, then it is a very good idea to put on a porch swing outside. It is relaxing for adults and kids alike and sets a relaxing and easy going, carefree environment for your home. Anyone can swing their problems away and just wander the day away with stories and laughter. Imagine an afternoon filled with fun, story telling, or just plain old good company.

Wide and Welcoming Entrance

Perhaps one of the most important places in a home is the entrance. It needs to be wide, welcoming and spacious. You can do this by making sure there is adequate lighting, like a hanging lamp, clutter free space, maybe a shoe rack or place to remove shoes, a welcome mat, and something welcoming to look at when guests arrive like a painting or your family’s portrait. Its still up to you, just use the description as a guide.

Make your Backyard a Feast for the Eyes

If you have a backyard, it’s a good thing to make it as colorful and relaxing as possible with the help of flowers, plants, grass and a tree or two. Plus you can add chairs, umbrella tables, and other stuff that gives off a nice and relaxing ambiance. Afternoon teas will never be the same again with the number of guests around.

Photo Hallway

Ever walked a long and empty hallway? Feels dead right? Well you can make your hallway alive by hanging your framed pictures on its wall. Just provide adequate lighting, three to for wall lamps or ceiling lights will do and choose your family and friend’s best, most memorable and most candid moments to give your guests a first look on who you really are. For me, the wackier the better!

Kitchen Up!

If your kitchen and dining area are close together, then it’s a good time to be creative. If you have a bar, you can put some colorful cookie jars, fruit baskets and cookie trays and use high chairs for sitting. For your kitchen area, you can have your cupboards and kitchen wall painted with cool colors, to make it more inviting and relaxing, and as for your dining room, it won’t hurt if you put a flower vase as center piece, just make sure it’s not too tall. Make sure that there are enough chairs and space to go around and also choose a place where there is adequate lighting like near the porch window.

Cushy Invasion

Finally, your living room will be the best place to let your guests relax, and you can do this by getting really cushy and plush sofas, cushions and pillows. A wide center table is also crucial so that you can put drinks and snacks on it plus some flowers of figures as center pieces. It is also nice to have a tv in the area but not mandatory because you would want your guests to focus more on your conversations and their surroundings. Paintings, posters, and other wonderfully colored art work can serve as attractions while they wait for you to greet them or while you prepare your snacks. Lastly, you can leave some books, magazines or photo albums for them to look at just to kill some time.

These are just but a few humble suggestions to improve your home and make it more welcoming. It is up to you on how you will take these tips and turn them into your own masterpieces. Live long and enjoy life my friends!


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