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Tips On Keeping Your Wedding Ring In Good Condition – Infographic

FindItMore | No matter what your wedding ring is, what it looks like, what the number of stones is, what the setting is, or what the diamond looks like, your wedding is precious. Wedding rings aren’t just any piece of jewelry since it contains the bond of the couple, including the memories and experiences before their marriage and the newer stories and events they’ll have.

As long as the ring is in perfect shape, a couple can pass it down either to their children or their grandchildren. Thanks to their value that’s beyond the financial aspect, wedding rings hold more meaning for couples who receive such wedding rings.

Clean it Regularly

It’s a given that couples would wear their wedding rings most of the time, the rings would eventually accumulate dirt and oil from a wearer’s skin. The residue will gather on the wedding ring’s crevices after wearing it for days without cleaning it.

To clean your ring, use warm water, mild dishwashing liquid, and a soft toothbrush to disrupt the buildup of dirt. Cleaning your ring every two weeks through quick and gentle scrubs can agitate the dirt on the crevices.

If you’re unsure about cleaning the ring yourself, you can have your trusted jeweler check on it.

Have it Checked By Your Trusted Jeweller

The person most qualified to check on the current state of your wedding ring is a jeweler since they have the knowledge and expertise to identify the possible issues in the ring including loose settings, worn metal, broken prongs, and bent rings that may need immediate attention.

Should you want to clean your wedding rings at home, you can ask your trusted jeweler for do-it-yourself tips.

Take It Off When Needed

Wedding rings can withstand daily wear and tear thanks to their design, but there may be times when it’s wiser to take them off instead of letting them endure any punishment.

Some activities where you’ll want to take the ring off are dishwashing, working out, and swimming. Washing the dishes while wearing a wedding ring can result in it slipping off your fingers thanks to exposure to grease.

Store Your Diamond Jewels Separately

To keep the ring from receiving wear and tear damage in storage, keep it away from other jewelry especially if there’s a diamond jewel in the mix. Both the metal band and the stone can receive damage through scratches caused by a collision with other jewelry.

Get it Insured

Since wedding rings are expensive pieces of jewelry that are hard to replace when irreparably damaged or lost, securing them with insurance can keep you from worrying about the costs when they’re damaged or lost. Some insurance providers even offer to find a replacement for your ring with the same kind and quality to keep you from stressing about it.

Wedding rings are exceptional pieces of jewelry thanks to what they represent and the value within them. To know more on how you can take care of your wedding ring, see this infographic by AdevaJewellery.


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