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Top 5 3D Modeling Software Tools in 2019

3D Modeling Software

FindItMore | The logo is the primary identification of any business. It holds the charm, and the effect of the myth “first impression is the last impression,” proving that it’s not just a myth; it is the truth which everyone is now accepting. The logos are the symbols which are the mixture of different types of texts and images. Not just a mixture of texts and images, there is a whole lot more which turns a symbol in to a logo. The logo is the power bank of a business, it boosts their image and set up a meaningful image; every single time a customer searches for your business. It basically helps your targeted audience to understand and comprehend about your business, the message and aim of your business are hidden behind a single logo.

Apart from looking pretty and beautiful, logos are playing a significant role in making a stand out appearance in the competitive market. This is one of the unique business marketing strategies which is 100% effective. When you decide to create a logo for your business, just look in your surroundings eventually you will come to know that how much your competitors are putting the effort in just a single logo. And why not they put their effort in that logo? After all, it’s their business face!

Along with the identification the logo offers your targeted potential audience the vital information about your business. Logo revives the essence of communication between your business and your customer smoothly. The whole industry in which your business lies is defined through a single logo. Logos are responsible for leaving a visual impact on the audience minds. We can say that a logo can make a robust visual bond of your business with your audience; that relationship creates a place in the brain of your audience which stays for a more extended time period.

Top 4 tools for free 3D modeling software tools

Sometimes words are not enough to tell about your business. You need something new, an impressive approach which makes you unique in the midst of the battle of your competitors. Designing a logo can make you look unique as it is the most attracting approach of all the times. Back in the old age, when people don’t know how to write and communicate with each other. They used these logos to build a communication bridge with each other. Same as that now businesses are using logos as to represent their business and make a unique appearance in the market. Anyone can easily create their logo with the help of different logo tools. Listed down are top 5 logo 3d rendering software tools which are giving a deeper insight of software platforms.

These Logo 3D Rendering animation tools are allowing their users to craft three-dimensional models, objects and the characters and also improvise the graphic designs with a realistic touch of detailing. These software’s are basically used in the entertainment industry, such as video, game and film creation. Although they can also be used in the creation of logos for marketing and advertising–as some of these tools are for free.

Free 3D modeling software tools

I have highlighted the top 5 tools for 3d modeling solution with their easy to use services.

1. K-3D

K-3D is a modeling software which combined creates flexible plugins with the data visualization pipeline which is converting data from one format in to another one. K-3D is easy to use, including powerful tools which are making it one of the greatest tools for the newbies and the experienced artists as well. The pricing of the K-3D is totally free, and it’s actually a free software which is letting its user enjoy all of its features and services to their fullest.

Key features:

2. Blender

Blender is an open source of 3D creation which is free to use. This tool is offering the functionality of the 3D pipeline, animation, 3D modeling, video editing, rendering, game creation and much more. The pricing of the blender is totally free. It is an open source for 3D creation suite.

Key features:

3. SketchUp

SketchUp is offering 3D modeling capabilities. While it is used for the field of building designs, engineering, and architecture. This solution allows for line drawing, shape rotation and to push and pull surfaces to create the 3D model as per to your desire. It also offers you the free library of the pre-existing 3D models. The pricing of SketchUp depends on the pricing plans which suits your requirements.

Key features:

4. Sculptris

Sculptris is the limited and free version of another 3D modeling tool of ZBrush. Sculptris is specifically is targeting those who are new in this 3D modeling field. The pricing of Sculptris is free until users want to upgrade it to ZBrush which is charged $895 per seat.

Key features: 

5. Wings 3D

Wings 3D is also a 3D modeling software and an open source which sis helping you in designing subdivision modeling, which is also a process of presenting a smooth surface over the linear polygon mesh. The pricing of wings 3D is also free. You can have the full access to every single feature.

Key features:


These are the top 4 tools which can help you to create your own 3D logo which can help you to stand out uniquely from your competitors.

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