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Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Garden Lovers

FindItMore | It’s the most wonderful part of the year again, meaning it’s time to start looking for presents. The true holiday spirit is the gift of giving, so you definitely can’t miss out on it. It’s always a delight seeing the face of someone you love light up as soon as they see the amazing gift they got. The problem occurs when you’ve got a specific type of person to shop for. What exactly do you get a garden lover? They probably already have everything they need, but it would still be nice to surprise them with a gimmick they’ll find handy in the garden. Do not fear, as there are plenty of interesting things you can get your garden lover.

1. A birdhouse

If your gardener’s goal is to attract more nature into the garden, then you may want to get them a birdhouse. This will help attract more birds which are a wanted sight in any garden. They help get rid of pests which eat plants, make the place look like something out of a fairy tale, and always provide a sense of excitement just by being near.


There are plenty of birdhouse designs you can opt for. A classic wooden one is always a great choice, or you could be more creative and choose cottage birdhouses. These tend to be warmer and look brighter, so they might look better in a colorful and cheerful garden. Finally, you can even make a birdhouse yourself. This way you can tailor it to the exact needs and preferences of your garden lover. They’ll also be very impressed with the thought you’ve put into the present.

2. A gathering basket

Everyone usually focuses on the fact that gardeners care for the garden and what needs to be done to make the plants grow. Let’s not neglect the other part of gardening, though. Of course, we’re talking about gathering the fruits and veggies that have grown. For this, a gardener will usually need a gathering basket. That just might be your perfect gift.

gathering basket

It’s sturdy and lightweight, making it easy for the gardener to carry it around. The long shape makes it convenient for storing a lot of fruits and veggies at once. That means they will have to take fewer trips to the garden and will be done working earlier. So, this would be a very practical but also fairly cute gift to give to a special someone.

3. Ceramic containers

If you’re looking for a cute little gardening present, you can opt for ceramic containers. They can be the home to sempervivums, which are a nice addition to any house or garden. They can be placed in windows or outside, providing great decor for any environment. This is also a great gift if you don’t know much about plants or gardens, or if your loved one has an abundant garden with various plants and doesn’t need new ones.

Ceramic containers

The ceramic planters can also come in various shapes and sizes, so you can tailor them to the preferences of the person you’re getting the present for. Some even come in pairs, making an even more adorable Christmas addition to your gardener’s home and garden. For example, there are little mama and baby chick ceramic planters which would melt the heart of anyone who received them.

4. Protective gear

No matter if they already have it or not, protective gear is very important for a gardener. It lets them work on their garden with fewer issues and allows them to completely devote themselves to their hobby with no danger of hurting themselves. You don’t have to spend a lot on this gift, but it’s better to choose better quality brands. This way, your present will last longer and be more durable. They’ll get to remember you every time they use the gear, for years to come.

Protective gear

There are plenty of basic pieces of equipment you can opt for. For example, get them a nice gardening hat which will protect their head from the sun and keep their hair out of their eyes. Next, you could go for professional gardening gloves, which will keep their hands soft and unhurt even when doing the most demanding of tasks. Finally, why not opt for a pair of waterproof rubber boots? They’ll keep their feet dry and warm regardless of the weather.

5. A potting table

This can prove to be one of the more thoughtful gifts for any gardener. Potting is an essential part of this hobby but can get pretty demanding. After all, not everyone feels comfortable stooping down all day to do one task. A good potting table has a removable plastic potting tray as well as a lower shelf. This makes it easier to store more things at once and to tend to all your gardening tasks with a breeze.

potting table

It’s usually made of wood, meaning it will fit in well into any garden. The appearance is universal, so it will complement your friend’s garden regardless of its theme and type. You can rest assured that it will look like it was made just for the garden you’re getting it for.


As you can see, shopping for a garden lover isn’t impossible. You can always find just what they need if you look hard enough. Showing your creativity and showing how much you care for their hobby is bound to impress them, no matter what you get. After all, it’s always the thought that you put into the present which counts more. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate your stellar gift for what it is. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect combination of amusing and useful between the above-mentioned choices.


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