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Top 5 Photo Editing Apps In 2018

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FindItMore | It’s an expression that a picture is worth a thousand words and every true artist of imagery believes this with all of his/her heart. So they wish to make their every picture a masterpiece. Thanks to technology a photographer can virtually paint his imaginations on a photograph. With photo editing apps these artists can edit their images portably on the go, so they don’t have to depend or carry laptops around and can work anywhere anytime.

The modern smartphones and photo editing apps have made it easy for a regular individual with no special knowledge of any editing software to also edit his pictures to his heart’s content whether it is a family picture or an amateur piece of art. But with thousands of photo editing apps in the app market, you may get overwhelmed and won’t be able to decide which app to use.

So, today we will be talking about the top 5 photo editing apps of 2018 that are specially picked by designers. All the apps mentioned here, though chosen by designers, are quite easy to adapt for normal users. So without wasting any more time let’s have a look at the best 5 photo editing apps of 2018.

  • PicsArt

Many of you must be already aware of PicsArt. With more than 500 million users, PicsArt is one of the best android photo editing app there is on the market. Some expert editors don’t like the sticker feature of PicsArt as they feel it is “degrading” to editing but this feature is a favorite for people who use these apps for fun. Besides stickers and a plethora of filters, PicsArt has some really amazing editing tools that are at par with editing standards of professionals.

PicsArt also hosts competitions for its users where they can upload their edits and the best edits are posted online for all the users across the world to see. This could give a very good exposure to wannabe commercial photo editors out there. For the ones who wish to use this app for serious work or would like an ADS-FREE editing experience, PicsArt Gold is the right choice of photo editing app for you.

  • Filterstorm Neue

The brain behind the revolutionary photo editing app is Tai Shimizu. He completely rewrote the app and gave an update to the app that worked wonders. Filterstorm Neue is probably the most advanced photo editing app with the most user-friendly navigation that anyone can access from the first use itself. One of the perks of using this app is that you can edit RAW files using DCRaw and decide for yourself what file type, image quality, and size you wish to export in.

Filterstorm Neue can be considered (for some aspects) the best picture editing app on this list. With advanced features like Masking – with zoom capabilities, noise reduction, and complete RGB curve control Filterstorm has secured a place in this list of best picture editing apps of 2018.

  • VSCO

Do you love movies and their cinematic views? Using VSCO photo editing app you can give the same cinematic feel to your images. All the filters and pre-sets in VSCO are inspired from the imagery of films. With movie-like filters such as washed out tones, saturated colors, and high-contrast black and whites; VSCO has a limited number of presets for free users, but every preset given are the best which you won’t find anywhere else, at least not as good as VSCO’s.

If you wish to have a premium experience of VSCO app with more than 100 cinematic presets and tools, you can become a VSCO X member and join their global community with no public followers, likes or comment; just you and millions of other editing enthusiasts sharing their work and discussing. New film stocks are added every month for the VSCO X members to use.

  • Adobe Lightroom

For professional photo editors, Adobe Lightroom is not a new name. When it comes to serious photo editing, Lightroom is a tool many photographers start with and the Lightroom app is an extension of the same software. Lightroom has a bit of a learning curve to it, so you will take a couple of days to understand how it works. But a couple of tutorials will guide you enough, to begin with the basics in an hour.

You can even sync this app with your PC version of Adobe Lightroom and collect images from PC to your mobile and edit them remotely, the editing is completely possible without the internet so your work can still go on in the Airplane mode. The gesture controls like two-finger tapping and quick swipes can give you the same freedom that you get with your mouse on the PC version. Features like these surely make Lightroom one of the top photo editing apps of 2018.

  • Afterlight

A supermarket in disguise, Aftelight photo editing app has a large array of goodies for editors. With 59 filters (out of which 27 are fully adjustable original filters), 66 textures, 77 frames, and 15 adjustment tools (you can use with every filter, texture, and frame); Afterlife can please even the pickiest photo editors. Besides these, you also get virtually infinite features through in-app purchases.

From features as simple as contrast, highlights, shadows, toning tools, etc. and also advanced options of file exporting sizes that go up to 2448 x 3264, Afterlight is a perfect blend of the best android photo editing app that works for professional photographers as well as normal users. This app is available for all 3 major platforms: iOS, Android, and Window.


The photo editing apps mentioned in this blog are the ones that have raised the bar of editing apps across multiple platforms. There is still a lot to be invented and re-engineered for photo editing apps. To do so as an app entrepreneur, you would need the assistance of a good photo editing app Development Company. There is a lot to be built and a lot to be designed in the photo editing app category.


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