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Top 7 Books Which Every Parent Should Buy for Children

FindItMore | The process of education begins at home. Schools and teachers just take it some steps forward. It is the behavior of parents that tell a child how to react in difficult times and in pleasing times. In the same way, children whose parents spend their much time in reading would also have the habit of reading. Therefore, many parents read to them bed time stories to put the habit of reading at very core. That’s why there are many parents who buy lots of books for their kids to read.The children who really adapt the reading culture of their home would have chances to be able to think and remain all time learner. And, these two are the purposes of education.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of books are printed.Some of them are must read and a few all time readable. The all time readable or must read books for children are

  • Hi Five Animals: The book is must read for children who are in the age bracket of 1 to 4, because it is highly illustrated with the pictures of different animals. Not only names but also it is written that give high fives to the ant, elephant t or so on. Thus, it motivates a child to read. Parents can read the book to their son or daughter at bed time, to make them sleep without yelling. The words and pictures, sometimes, even motivate children to read by themselves. So bring this book of Ross Burach at home, and make them reader.
  • Star in the Jar: It is the bed time story books written by Sam Hay in which a child took care of list star which he found in his home by putting in the jar, but after sometime sky began to search for its lost star. The story’s plot is not creative that bind the interest of a child but it teaches in a very pleasing way to be caring and helpful. So, dear parent if your child is 3 to 8 years old, so read it to your toddler firstly and let them go into this beautiful illustrated creative world where sky also speaks.
  • Hungry Bunny: Cluadia Rueda’s book is full of creativity. In this book a bunny has to pick apples for Mama’s apple pie, but it is very difficult for him to pick them. Thus, in this engaging book, the bunny asks the readers to shake the books so that Apple would fall down and sometimes children used his red ribbon tied around his neck to help the bunny to reach the apples. Claudia Rueda is acclaimed author who used to write very engaging books for children. So, if your child is 3 to 6 years old then read it to him or her. He or she would definitely enjoy. Many parents used to say that their toddlers love to read it by themselves and they even shake the book and untie the tie of a bunny. So read it to them and make them creative.
  • Do not Lick this Book: A child is, by-born, scientist. And proof is he would love to read this book. The book is all about microbes and microscopic creatures. Yet, the book funnily teaches the children about different such creatures so that every child could have healthy life. Moreover, many of them attempted to lick the book but the senses of taste buds made them to express themselves as “Eww”. The eww reaction teaches them that microbes tastes bad so keep away from licking. So, rear parents read Iden Ben Bark’s written and Julian Frost’s creatively illustrated book to your children of 3 to 8 years old.
  • The Big Book of Blue: Children love to know. And this book is the best way to know about animals. Yuval Zommer’s creation is about facts about different animals. The book engages the child because of having question and pictures on it along with small details. The questions are very thoughtful like can fish fly really fly. The pictures of sea animals and sea fish make the toddlers to love the book. So, if you have 4 to 10 year old boy or a girl then keep it open, near the tiny star and let him or her read by himself or herself. Let them know the world.
  • Baby Monkey, Private Eye: The book filled with hand sketch like drawing of baby monkey and its things who had a full time job of detective. In this book he had five mysteries to solve. In each chapter he solves one mystery. The short and repetitive sentences are very engaging for kids. Many kids even try to complete this 187 page long book on a day because of its being interesting. So, if you went to make your 5 to 7 year old child observant then keep it near his or her bed.
  • The Parker Inheritance: The book is good for children who are 8 or more than 8 years old. The book of Varian Johnson is about two friends who want to solve the mystery or puzzle given in the letter that written ten or twenty years before. The book not only has humor and mystery but it also tells the readers about racism with African-American in 1950s. The books also gives the concept of keep trying and never give up. So, dear children read this adventurous book and know the world more and more from both the lenses of past and present.

Reading books is the first step of broadening the mind. This habit not only let them to know the world more and more, but the books help them to be what they want to be. Reading make them scientist, author or communicator who might be better than the best assignment writing service UK. So, bring the books for your kids, read them to them or let them to read by themselves. After all they have a right to see the world from all dimensions. So let them see, let them be open.


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