Stress and Anxiety

How to Treat Your Stress and Anxiety with Nootropics

FindItMore | Everybody feels stress from time to time right? Either by a problem at work, the next exams, unexpected commitments, and the famous lack of time, health and sometimes for the foods that help prevent skin aging. The problem is that trying to eliminate stress and not achieve it only makes you feel more stress and also makes your daily routine a labyrinth with no way out.

Things get worse because we drag the stress 24 hours, which directly affects our health more.

Before telling you how to treat stress and anxiety and feel better, I think it is important to define what we are facing: what is stress really?

Although it seems that the definition of stress is very simple, in reality, it is not. First, because not all stress is the same, and second because even if you do not believe it, it is difficult to detect when someone is feeling stress. I explain why: the characteristics of stress are similar to those you experience in other circumstances, for example, when you watch a horror movie or eat a delicious dinner.

Pleasure and stress trigger similar responses in your body and in your mind. However, according to molecular biologist John Medina, the perfect storm of stress is triggered when you perceive these two things simultaneously: high expectations (internal and external) and a lack of control over the situation. It is a mental state that generates a reaction in the body.

Here is a list of the best Nootropics to overcome stress and anxiety as well as a brief description of how each one works:


The Aniracetam is one of the most used Nootropics, which fall into the category of Racetams. Initially designed as an alternative to Piracetam, but with more powerful action.

It was discovered that he had an action against stress and it is believed that it can help to overcome depression, social anxiety, and other related conditions. It is thought to stimulate AMPA-type receptors at the brain level, which causes an increase in the uptake of Glutamate, a brain chemical which fulfills the function of being a stimulant, increasing neuronal activity.

This is the reason why Aniracetam is often used to improve concentration, since it greatly helps to study and focus the mind on a task, but its popular use in the academic world also lies in the fact that it not only favors concentration and the attention, It also helps overcome mental fatigue or stagnation that occurs during a marathon study or reading.

It helps to improve certain skills such as information processing and verbal communication, very similar to the Piracetam action, improving interaction and social qualities. It has been proven that the feeling of general well-being increases with continuous long-term use.

In forums on the subject, many participants report that Aniracetam helps to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, as in a kind of sensation that describes well-being, an effect that is attributed to a greater release of Dopamine and Serotonin at the central level. This goes hand in hand with its action recognized as anxiolytic, since it helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety.


 If you are one of those who has already given the Aniracetam an opportunity and is looking for something stronger, that will help you improve your concentration, retention capacity and memory, then the Noopept is the next option. This member of the Racetams family 200 times more powerful than the Aniracetam.

Noopept is a derivative of Piracetam and works very similar to this Nootropic compound. One of the benefits of Noopept against Aniracetam is that its effects are observed early and its action can last long periods of time, unlike Aniracetam.

But like Aniracetam, it is known to increase the levels of Serotonin and Dopamine in the brain, which are two important neurochemicals related to the improvement in mood. And very similar to the action of Aniracetam, it seems to have an action on anxiety, by decreasing it. Undoubtedly, a very good option for those people who are looking for an extra in their search to get more profitability to your brain.

A new general trend has been orchestrated and is that of stacking Aniracetam and Noopept together to amplify their effectiveness, which is becoming increasingly popular for its pondering effects.

To enter the world of nootropics is to enter the world of self-improvement.If you are looking to achieve the best version of yourself for a specific period of your life, such as exams or because your work requires a lot of intellectual or physical effort, as long as you maintain a responsible approach and document yourself, nootropics can help you achieve it safely.

Patricia Franklin

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