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What Are Trending Fashion Styles?

FindItMore | When it comes to style and trend game, we all want to stay on top of it. The Internet is our go-to-resource for all essential trend updates and since we have steady subscriptions to high-speed Internet packages such as Spectrum Internet Packages, our searches are clearly facilitated. Internet and social media forums are full of trend updates and we can easily get our fashion advice through all these fashion-dedicated pages and groups. You follow all those ultimate guides to SS18 trends, especially from the catwalk. Now you are in a phase of wardrobe plotting and making your wardrobe wish lists and bucket-lists.

It’s time to board your trend train and play with all the latest trends of colorful, uplifting, and joyous clothes that essentially uplifts your spirits and make you feel out of the world. We are going to enlighten you on the latest trends and you can experiment a bit of creativity and ideas of your own to come up with something amazing. Some of the latest fashion trends that have hit us hard and we are not getting enough of them are as follows:

·        Crayola Colors

This year, designers are playing with pulsating, vivacious primary colors. In the catwalks, tomato red was seen everywhere. Emerald green, cobalt, and bright catchy yellow also made appearances in different ramp shows. Layered and bright dresses are seen on the ramp and accessories are also chosen accordingly to complement with the bright-hued dresses. Get your hands on one of the bright-hued dresses and upgrade your wardrobe with it.

·        Pastel Colors Attack

Take note of the next fashion statement! Pastels have raided the ramps and catwalks and for those who love delicate sugary almond shades, now is your time to flaunt that elegance! Pale pinks, lilacs, and greens are also in vogue. You can try these shades in your clothing and in the accessories too. Try getting a powder pink bag or a lilac one. They are going to be your must-have essentials for this season.

·        Check Please

Checks are perhaps the most worn patterns since they were first created. And NO! they are not strictly-winter. We have witnessed checks on the ramp and you are going to love it. Try wearing checked blouses, blazers, even tights, and so on. You can even update your accessories stack with a checked bag, a shopper-bag, or a clutch.

·        Puff Sleeves

Old trends keep coming back, don’t they? The Puff sleeves of the late 80s have made their way back to the ramps and we have seen all those catchy jackets with puffed sleeves, coupled with jeans and pristine slouchy boots. Seems like just the right look to carry! Bring in your creative streak and experiment with big prints, graphic prints squared blouses and team them up cowboy boots. Add this look to your shirts and blouses, it’s a thing for this season!

·        Fringing

Talking about old trends and here is another iteration. Statement fringing is totally in vogue, especially swishing across hemlines, necklines, even bags. All those shredded outfits and bags are in and you got to try them. They are perfect for a casual and a semi-formal look. Pair them up with some shredded bag or even earrings and you are good to go!

·        Wet Look Clothing

Plastic and rubber, wipe-clean, wet-look clothes, whatever you call it, the shiny texture is in for the season. Get your hands on some nice black vinyl dresses, jumpsuits, or anything that you want. The plastic-like nylon and waterproof lines are making their way to the wardrobes. Time to update your wardrobe buddies!

·        Sportswear

Sportswear has hit the ramps and we are loving it. Tracksuits, shell suits, sporty jackets are all in. You need to pair them up with some nice trendy bottoms and complete the look. Get your Olympic training outfits ready and pair them up with some hot shoes. Or, pair up your sporty trainers with your regular summer outfits.

·        Floral Dresses

Summer is not complete without a horde of floral dresses in the closets. And this summer is no different! You need to have all those floral prints, big and small, in all sorts of long, midi, and short dresses, even pants. Describe your own perfect summer outfit using the floral prints and you will not go wrong. Try floral blouses and skirts they look amazing.

To catch up on the latest ramp and summer trends, subscribe to a nice Internet deal such as optimum internet pricing and browse all the latest fashion styles. Stay on top of the trend game and look your best!

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