What Kind of Sleep Animal Are You?

FindItMore | Sleep habits of people are not the same. Micheal Breus who is a sleep specialist has a great explanation for this: The biological clock. Despite sleeping on the best foam mattress, each body clock is different and is set to a different time. To help in understanding these differences, he has categorized into four groups based on the routine. He then matches them with a mammal whose sleep pattern is similar to that group.

Lions: These are the beasts that are at the top of the food chain. They are early-risers and hunt for food in the morning. It represents people who are early-risers and love to tackle the day early with great optimism and enthusiasm.

Bears: Bears are happy-go-lucky move with the flow kind of animals. They sleep well and can hunt at any time of the day. People who are fun-loving and prefer to get most of their work done by noon rather than morning, are chilled out and love to sleep and fit this animal description.

Wolves: These animals hunt at night and are nocturnal. They are cunning and hunt their prey by staying up. This character suits you if you are creative, extrovert and like to stay up all night to get your job done.

Dolphins: Dolphins are called unihemispheric sleepers as only half of the brain sleeps at a time. The other part of the brain is active and alert and is looking for attackers. It also helps them to swim safely. This name is suitable for people who sleep less, are intelligent, restless at night and neurotic night sleepers. Insomniacs also fit into this category.

These are the things you can do if you are a:

Dolphin: Exercise early in the morning. Moreover, an exercise in the morning along with a day-long work routine will tire you and help sleep well in the night.  Dr.Breus adds that Dolphins often skip lunch as they tend to forget. So he advises setting reminders that can remind you to eat.  He also recommends not to go to bed too early as you might get wide awake later in the night. Try to sleep around 11:30, sleep on a good comfort mattress and use it only for sleep and not for other activities.

Lion: Try to accomplish things early in the morning since you are an early bird. Make a list of things that you want to complete, plan and organize the day accordingly. Dr.Breus says that lions love to make a list and are sharp in the mornings.  Instead of exercising in the morning, shifting that to the evening around 5 PM would give them energy which is lagging in that time.  Dinner should not be carb-rich as it can put them to sleep early. Instead, dinner should be high in protein so that they can stay alert.

Bear:  The most productive time for bears is from 10 am to 12 pm. Dr.Breus says that time should be used to finish work instead of socializing.  Around mid-day, go for a walk to boost concentration and metabolism.  Evenings can be utilized for socializing, their mood is best from 3 to 6 pm and is the perfect time to interact with clients or coworkers.

Wolves:  Get morning sun. A walk for 15 minutes will help you wake up and reduce melaton in production. Though they like to stay awake past midnight, they should get to their memory mattress by midnight as per Dr.Breus.

Irrespective of the kind of sleep animal you are if you are uncomfortable and not getting enough sleep, Wakefit recommends you to check the status of your mattress. It may be time to go to mattress online shopping.

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