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Why Netbase is the Ideal Tool For Social Media Listening

FindItMore | Social media and the Internet overall are becoming increasingly important when it comes to marketing, as using the right strategy and the right tools give smaller brands the chance to compete with global corporations. Tapping into the social media world gives a business the chance to not only increase its audience, but also have a better understanding of how its customer base feels and what is the required step in order to improve engagement, grow traffic, increase the number of downloads, or other goals that a company might have.

Understanding Social Media Listening

Social media listening is a process that is also known as social media monitoring, it means identifying what is being said on the internet about a product, brand, company, or an individual. The process can be divided into two steps: the first one is monitoring social media channels in search of mentions of the brand/product or in search of relevant keywords; the second step is analyzing the information that was gathered and putting that information to good use – applying it a business strategy in order to improve certain areas.

Businesses should keep in mind that additional steps are necessary when it comes to social media listening or the analysis of any data. First of all, before any monitoring begins, primary business goals need to be identified. This will end up giving purpose to the data gathered, and having a clear objective is important. Another important step is to determine which metrics success or failure is indicated. These can range depending on the goals – they can refer to sentiment, engagement, conversion, etc.

Why is Social Media Listening Important?

Gathering information from social media channels allows the business to get rid of blind spots. Listening to what people are talking about the company and the industry overall gives companies an “in” when it comes to knowing what the customers want. Having this information, companies can uncover pain points that need to be addressed, tweak their strategies in real-time, and have an overall better understanding about what people want and expect.

Setting up for Social Media Listening

After goals were set and the company knows what they want to look for and they have the right tools to do that, it’s time to start the actual search. The keywords will likely evolve over time, as goals might change, or certain areas might require more focus. General keywords to look for includes the brand’s name, the product’s name (as well as common misspellings), industry buzzwords, your slogan, names of key people within your company, your competitors’ handles, product’s name, and brand’s name.

Learning about what people are saying online about the competition is important. While copying their strategy is not ideal, having the knowledge of what works within the industry and what doesn’t could be of major help.

The Right Tools to Uncover What People are Saying

There are plenty of tools available on the internet, from built-in tools in the dashboards of major social media platforms, to third-party free options, to premium tools. The “right” tool depends on the goals that the company has and how in-depth they want to search and analyze data. One premium tool that could be very useful when it comes to social media listening is NetBase.

The award-winning platform focuses on the driving force behind social media posting, which is the sentiment. NetBase is using Natural Language Processing, which allows it to decipher not only multiple languages, but also internet slang and emojis. Its real-time monitoring is layered with Voice of the Customer analytics and also image analytics, and is able to alert brands when it comes to reputational threats.


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