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Why We Need To Use Facial Steamer

FindItMore | A home facial steamer helps to cleanse the skin to remove blackheads, it cleanses the skin by removing dirt from your pores and refreshes the skin. This leaves the skin moisturized and feeling soft. It leaves the face looking fresh removing dirt, dust, makeup, and other imperfections that are collected in the pores of the face. A facial steamer can be used daily without damaging the pores on your face. It is easy to carry hence be taken with you on the go. It is quiet doesn’t make a lot of noise and works fast.

When the pores are clogged it may lead to the skin irritation, infections, and acne. A steam bath is an easy way to cleanse your pores this way it helps the skin to be thoroughly cleaned. The steam cleanses your pores by causing the skin to sweat by opening the pores and helps push any dirt out.

Blackheads are a mixture of dead skin cells and oils that accumulate inside the pores by solidifying and if they are not removed they become a pimple. The best way to remove the hardened matter is by using your fingertips to apply pressure around the area surrounding the blackhead before this can be done steaming must be done to make it soft and let it out from your pores.

Benefits of steaming:

  1. Unblocks pores: Steaming is known to open pores to allow the skin breath more freely. Steaming cleans the pores in so doing it gets rid of the excess oil in the pores, once such breakout is in the form of a blackhead. It loosens up the stubborn blackheads and whiteheads and helps to remove them easily.
  2. Improves circulation: Increase blood circulation-blood vessels in the skin dilate so that blood can flow to the skin so as to increase the flow of other nutrients and oxygen to the tissue.
  3. Removes toxins: Steaming helps in balancing of the skin through getting leads of the toxins. With facial steaming toxins removed much faster.
  4. Relaxes you: Promotes relaxation-calming effect if you add oils and herbs to the water to get a soothing and relaxing effect.

Requirements of steaming:

Facial steamer- They are simple to use and require little preparation and clean-up, but most importantly they deliver the right amount steam for a safe period of time so you don’t damage your skin.

Mild facial cleanser- Simple Soothing Facial Toner to remove the last traces of make-up and dirt. Avoid the use of products that are harsh irritants that can upset skin

Face towels and Large towel

Medium size bowl

Right time for face steaming:

The question is How long should I steam my face ? You can do it anytime you feel your skin is lacking healthy glow and is dull or follow this routine:

Normal skin: For normal skin, steam every two weeks or every week for about 12 minutes

Dry skin: For dry skin steam once in every two weeks for about 10 minutes

Oily skin: Steam twice in a week to get lead of the excess oil in pores so as not to get pimples for 12 minutes.

Sensitive skin: One with this type of skin has to first discuss facial steaming with a dermatologist before trying it because it may cause irritation.

Steps for Steaming:

Step one: Use a facial steamer to soften blackheads and it should be 43 degree Celsius the ideal temperature for face teaming. Cleanse the face with warm water to remove any makeup or dirt, so that the impurities within can be released free from the blackheads

Step two: You require two face towels, the first one you dip in a bowl of lukewarm water put your face on the towel. After about 2 minutes remove the first towel and put your face in the second towel. Put a warm wet towel to the face for approximately 10 minutes.

Step three: Pour hot water in the bowl, place a large towel over your head, lean over the bowl holding your face about 15 inches over the water using a thick towel, form a tent for your head as well as the bowl Steam your face over the bowl of water for five minutes. The water should be hot enough to produce steam. Stop steaming if the steam feels too hot or uncomfortable. Dry the face and remove blackheads immediately after completing steaming.


It is advisable to drink enough water before and after steaming.

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