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Yardley Perfume of India

Perfume of India

FindItMore | Yardley perfume is one of the products of Yardley of London a United Kingdom cosmetics brand which has been in existence since the 18th century.

It has produced perfumes, and perfume products for the body and bath. It has also produce soaps, skin care products, and talcum powders.

Before buying perfume online, it’s important to know which product best works out for your body. Yardley perfumes are specially made for different skin tones and will not react to your body.

Yardley perfumes have a touch of feminism and masculinity, with perfect and outstanding scents. You can order your favorite perfume in India online. Yardley perfumes are synonymous with affordability and quality has several varieties of fragrances. The most popular fragrances in our collection are the English Rose, lavender, peony, lily of the valley and iris.

The country breeze

It’s specifically for the urbane woman. It has rich undertones that bring out a beautiful and gentle experience blend with power and smoothness.

Eau De Toilette for Men

These perfumes are for men. They are fresh, moist, bloomy and sophisticated. They bring out the experience of cherished oriental woody fragrances that outline the assertive machismo. They are a symbol of an adventure with a background that echoes desire, allure, and self-esteem.

They articulate a man’s desire for exploration and his persistent excursion for discovering new and exhilarating places. It has warm undertones and everlasting oriental pursuits. They reflect the refined, cultured man with a sense of style and classiness.

Yardley Poise Perfume

This unique perfume from Yardley is for the classy and sophisticated woman. It has a deep oriental flowery fragrance with striking and spicy under notes making the woman glamorous.

It brings out the imagination of English parks with sunshine and snaking rose flowers.

The English Rose Eau De Toilette for women

These are beautiful and suggestive floral perfumes with sweet-smelling rose tinges. They have the charm of rose flourish and magnolia with a blend of aromatic oil and glamorous flowers.

They bring the classical English extravagance to India with revitalizing fragrances. They have an everlasting fresh bouquet that grips upright on the skin.

The English lavender body sprays

These are light stimulating, long-lasting bouquet signature perfume that has a mixture of Neroli lavender foliage and clary sage. They have a blend of geranium and lavender oil with undertones of The English Tonka bean and sandalwood. It brings out the lavender properties of calming and relaxing your mind, body, and spirit.

April Violet De Toilette for women

This royal perfume is a fragrance for women. It has the sophisticated scent of the violet flower. It blends with jasmine and the lily of the valley.

Yardley English Bluebell

It is a bright and mild fragrance that has a sweet-smelling rich and floral bouquet blended with cassis accords and bergamot with alluring magic of the bluebell, lily of the valley, jasmine, and peony combined with highlights of splendor and sweet undertones and vanilla at the base.

Yardley English Daisy

The Yardley’s English daisy perfume is classy with the bloom of dewdrops and a green baroque fragrance. It mimics floras bursting in the fields during the dawn spring sun-up. It has some powerful undercurrents in the likeness of green flower, and apple fruit boosted some white rose and a thick base of spray and sandalwood.

The Ballet

This floral fragrance from Yardley has that deep forestry scent for the urbane stylish woman. It is ideal for a night date as it adds some coating of tempting elegance.

The baroque

This Yardley perfume was released two decades ago. It has some undertones of the apricot fruit blended with seringa, mandarin, and freesia, It has a base of musk and amber, and its heart encompasses stephanotis and the jasmine and. It has some flowery and citrus scent.

The Chique

This Yardley perfume comes with sophistication and elegance for the urbane classy woman. It blends with orange, oak and lemon flower notes. It’s perfect for parties, and you can wear it to the office. It gives you that fantastic feel.

The Confetti

This Yardley perfume has a floral and fruity fragrance for a classy, stylish woman. It brings out the youth for today’s woman. It’s seductive and cool.

The Gorgeous

This Yardley perfume has the tones of creamy apple pie. It is for women who love lemon like fragrance, while at the same time highlighting other scents. It has a mature flavor and class.

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