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Yearn For A Long Life? Then Check Out These Interesting Tips

FindItMore | When people are in their 20’s, they aren’t that focused on healthy life. But as they continue ageing, it is important that there should be proper focus on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Though a person’s life depends on genetics, it is only partially responsible for the long journey ahead. Factors like food, habits, lifestyle, etc. play a much major role in determining if a person would hit the century and whether he/she would be celebrating it in style. Studies suggest that living a long, healthy life is entirely up to a person’s choice. When he makes healthy choices, he gets the life that he has always dreamt of. He/she can age gracefully with lesser trips to the physician. After all, age is just a number.

The tips that follow below are the things that one needs to take care of and see the magic that they do to the body.

Eating right: Eating the right kind of food in moderate quantities is the key to a healthy life. Make sure to include all nutrients in the food being taken and they will take care of the body.

Never burden the body with overeating and always include healthy nuts and seeds, greens, spices, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers in the diet. Avoid unhealthy, processed and junk food as much as possible. Drink lots of water since water is the elixir of life.

Exercise and get moving around: A physically fit body always functions smoothly. Be physically active, take up some form of exercise, go for jogging or swimming, climb up the stairs, do dancing around and skipping. Remember not to keep the body in one stationary position throughout the day.

Restrict smoking and drinking: Tobacco and alcohol are the 2 worst enemies of the human body. They both are responsible for heart ailments, strokes, diabetes, liver diseases, premature death and a lot many risks.

So, it’s better to start looking out for possible ways to get rid of these bad habits. Like, if one cannot avoid drinking, then opt for moderate quantity of wine, which is better than other forms of alcohol. Person who smoke can use e-cigarettes to quit smoking which has zero to multiple nicotine level options and gives the same pleasure of a normal cigarette. Also, they are available in different flavors to give people a unique experience. So, start your move towards the healthy life.

Be happy and brainy: People who are happy have a better longevity. The happiness quotient is directly related to adding those extra years to the life. Forget the grudges, forgive the people and move on happily in life.

Keep the mind calm and give it some food to fight ageing. Just like the body, engage the brain in some activity like puzzles, riddles, mental exercises, meditation, reading, etc. Do not let the mind sit idle.

Avoid stress and related anxiety: It is observed that people afflicted with stress and depression are two times more at risk of a stroke or heart attack. These 2 factors are also responsible for early deaths. Increase the lifespan with a positive approach towards life and laugh often.

Develop family and social ties: Research shows that a person’s close ties with his/her family, friends and acquaintances help to increase the lifespan by 50%. Social mingling brings about positive vibes, reduces the stress and keeps the heart and brain healthy.

Close family ties are more beneficial than one can imagine. They cut the risk of premature death by almost a whopping 200%!

Get a relaxed sleep: Sleeping well does not only give a beautiful, clear skin but also helps to keep the body fit and fine. According to a study by University of California, people who sleep for 7 hours a night, are much healthier and live longer than people who sleep less or more than 7 hours. Developing healthy sleep patterns regulate the body functions and keep it young.

The present day world is all about being busy and priorities. But if the body is not given its due care and importance, it won’t give the support that is needed, in the final years of ones’ life.


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