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How is Valuable Content Crucial to Your SEO Strategy?

FindItMore | The three core factors that influence Google Ranking of your website are RankBrain, Links, and Content. Google will only rank your website when you begin drawing people with authoritative and engagement worthy content. You should be careful with your SEO Strategy.

More and more B2C and B2B content marketers are now investing in content creation, curation and distribution for not only ranking but creating awareness regarding the products/services. Even in 2018, plenty of search marketers are falsely pursuing the idea that a wordy cocktail of mindless inner pages stuffed with keywords haphazardly will help them rank!

Unfortunately, Google now prioritizes factors more than just keywords and this is where how you treat your audience through your content enters the picture. Eventually, Google’s focus remains on ensuring that people are who are searching for things, products, services or anything else on the search engine get the best search experience. Content plays a vital role in it. If you are familiar with the term “keywords or keyphrases”, you’d know that they are of different types. Some keywords hint that the searcher has commercial intent, some hint that they have a non-commercial intent and want to search purely information.

Since SEO primarily focuses on helping improve the quantity and the quality of the traffic to the website, ensuring that you impart value with your content is indispensable.

Let’s assume that you already have the visitor on your website but how would you retain their attention?

By giving them exactly what they need.  

Your audience is not as dumb as you think

If you are a regular on the online publications and blogs, you must’ve read how the attention span of an average human and online reader is going down. More and more experts are now pushing for shorter content that anyone can skim through. Self-proclaimed Digital Marketing Experts and blogging gurus are pushing for content in digestible chunks.

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But amidst this chaotic shift from keywords alone to the semantics, people have almost stopped paying attention to the fact that there might be people looking for in-depth resources of information. It’s indeed true that the online world awards great opportunities for sales and marketing but before the prospects reach the decision making the part where they decide whether they want to buy your product or not, you need to supply them sufficient helpful and valuable content.

Given the shockingly high rate at which content online is being produced, it’s not surprising that readers have become rather finicky or choosy. People are looking for valuable content that gives real value and helps resolve their problems. Contrary to belief, people reading online aren’t as dumb or fickle-minded as self-proclaimed blogging gurus have made them out to be. Real readers and prospects have generic and even complicated queries depending on the niche and as long as you give them a satisfactory answer, your engagement will grow.

Make the traffic stay

The central idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to keep a website on top of Google search results for targeted keywords. The whole point is to keep bringing people to the website and retain its top position on the search engines so more people click on it.

Even modern sales gurus have affirmed the importance of SEO for promoting and marketing a brand. There are millions of people looking for searches online and unless you make them stay on your website and bring them back for more, there’s no way of confirming if you will ever convert them. In simpler words, the world of online marketing isn’t overrun by complications but understanding how you can turn the crowd into prospects and the prospects into leads is where content comes in. You need to strategically use SEO Company to grow your traffic that you must learn to retain and use for the purpose of conversion.

The traffic on your website will stay only if you begin offering value with your content. How do you impart value to the reader with your content?

Compelling content is what you need to make the ultimate impression of your readers because there’s plenty of noise available on the internet. But you need to cut through this noise and make it to your readers’ screen and write so well that it keeps them stuck to your blog even after they are don’t reading it all.

Just in case, you are wondering if compelling content is a matter of subjectivity, here are some simple and objective ways of making your content more compelling:

Longform or short form: the eternal battle!

The internet is divided over the length of the ideal content but the major names in digital marketing are all in favor of keeping it long.

Longform content lets you dive deep into subjects and topics so you can explore them well and cover every development that has happened over the years. It’s no surprise that people are in a hurry these days and they want to read everything quickly. But if you tap into the right audience and offer them valuable content, they will indeed read it whole and consume every fact and figure you mention. In fact, certain sources report that content over 2000 words and even longer than 3000 words is more likely to get shared.

Bloggers and Search marketers need to identify the problem and address the issues that half-baked short-form content is unable to. Bite-sized content and small blogs that can be consumed within minutes over phone or tablet are being haphazardly written for the sake of rankings and posting consistency.

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Vishal Vivek co-founded the leading SEO Company of India, SEO Corporation. Vishal has been ‘shoulder’ deep in his responsibilities as the CEO of the company since last 7 years. In his free time, he’s found researching new non-fiction novels, enjoying somewhat risky vacations and spoiling random stray animals with love.

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  • Of course, the high quality of the content is crucial, this keeps your audience and even brings more people to your website and also keeps or even increase the traffic.

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