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How Black Outfits Compliment Your Skin Tone

FindItMore | One is never over or under dressed in black. It remains an all time favorite color to wear among many people. In fact, there are some people who fancy the color black so much that they are always dressed in it, like a goth. Well, I don’t blame them for their choice. Black makes one look sexy, elegant and oh so chic. Brands like Khaadi UK come up with black colored clothes, no matter what the season is. Because lovers of this color hate to hear that black is not a summer color. But hey, this does not hold true. Black is a universal color.

Works with Every Skin Tone and Hair Color

What makes black the most popular choice, is that it looks good on everyone. Whether you are a redhead, a blonde or a brunette, black can always be your go-to color. Apart from that, the neutrality of this color makes it a perfect candidate for any skin tone. So, you do not have to worry about you being a bit too fair or a bit too dark for the color black.

There are so many other reasons why some people prefer wearing black. But even before that let’s enlighten ourselves with some color psychology

Black and the Color Psychology

According to the color psychology, the color black depicts secretive nature, relating to the hidden and the unknown. Which creates a mystery around the color. However, this color gives protection from any external emotional stress. As ironic as it may sound, but it holds true. The reason behind this is that the color black aids in creating a barrier between itself and the outside world. Therefore, it provides comfort while also protecting the emotions and feelings. Simultaneously, it helps in hiding any vulnerabilities or lack of self-confidence. Hence, many people to hide some imperfections or certain elements of their personalities use it. Some use it to hide weight while others wear black to appear more confident than they actually are.

This color psychology is also reflected in the reasons why some people prefer to wear black (like they are a member of The Adam’s family).

Black Reflects Seriousness

Some people are serious in their lives. And the black color reflects upon that aspect in their lives. Apart from that, they are also very reliable people. Because according to studies, people who wear black are often serious but direct as well. Which means that they do not beat about the bush and know exactly what they want.

Black is Empowerment

People who wear black value empowerment as well. They like to be powerful individuals and seek power. They want to project an image to others where they are the authority. Because that is what they like.

Black is Power

Another reason why people prefer wearing black is that they are obsessed with the idea of them appearing strong and intimidating. Some do it because it is a part of their personality while others just do it so they have authority over other people.

According to fashion experts, black is a color that is taken seriously. The psychologists also confirm that black is a color that people perceive to be an indicator of prestige, power, intelligence, and seriousness. Furthermore, people who wear black are considered to be ambitious, and purposeful. Yet very sensitive as well. Talking about emotions, people who wear black are easily excitable. However, they often want to hide this trait of theirs. Because these individuals want others to concentrate on their personality rather than their appearance. As they focus on the personality of the others as well. Rather than their appearance or physical traits.

What do the Studies Say?

Not making any claims here or saying it out of the blue. But studies have confirmed that black makes ones appear attractive, intelligent and confident. People often tend to relate the color black with negativity. However, according to a study, over 1,000 participants ranked the color black with a positive trait. The women thought that black is one of the most attractive colors on a man. A UK based retailer conducted the survey. It confirmed that black remains a popular choice among the masses.

Know How to Match Your Blacks!

You may love wearing it but know how to match the varying shades of black pieces of clothing. Yes, black has many shades! Surprised? Well it is true. Depending on the texture, and fabric, you will see the difference.  So, be careful when you plan to wear all black. This is essential for those times when you plan to wear a shirt and trousers. Let’s say you are going to put on a black shirt with black trousers. Notice that your black shirt may have a purple cast. That won’t go with your black trousers which may have a brown cast.

These variances are subtle but extremely important. They can be even more prominent in the daylight.

The Final Word!

Having discussed all this, people and fashion designers choose the color black as the safest option to wear. Apart from complimenting almost all skin tones, black makes you look slimmer. In fact among the many reasons that people prefer to wear black is that it is an all rounder! From attending a graduation ceremony to going to a funeral, you can rock at pretty much any event with the color black. Such is the ease that this color brings to your life.

Ultimately, black is sexy! We all know that! So, next time you think you are having a wardrobe malfunction, you know what color to go for. Choose from the 50 shades of black, and bounce!


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