How to Put Together a Portable Wig Stand Head

FindItMore | Hairstyling or hairdressing is one of the most popular professional choices for people these days and proper tools and equipment are required for people to practice their creativity and skills. Wigs are an investment and having a portable wig stand extends their lifetime. Having a professional wig stand makes it easier for the budding hairstylists to practice the new hairstyles. The stand helps them to lean to different angles to give shape to their creativity. Keeping wigs on the wig stand prolongs their longevity and maintains their shape. Wig stands make styling your wigs easier.

While on your hunt for wig stands, you’ll encounter two different types of stands; plastic and metal wig stands. Both of these are foldable and collapsible which makes them great to travel with.

Assembling the metal portable wig stand

Metal wig stands come in two identical parts. In order to assemble them together, you will need to identify which part goes on top and which one goes on the bottom. Looking at the notch at the top of these pieces will help you differentiate the pieces. The notch facing downward will be your Piece A and Piece B will have a notch facing upwards. Cross Piece A through Piece B in the lower section. Now push Piece A through Piece B to secure the notches together. Now attach the rubber stoppers to the feet of your wig stand.

Assembling the plastic portable wig

The process of assembling a plastic wig stand is similar to that of a metal wig stand. You begin by identifying the piece that goes on top and the one that goes to the bottom. The piece with a notch at the bottom will be your Piece A and the piece without a notch will be your Piece B. Cross Piece A into Piece B. Piece B will rest itself in the notch of Piece A. Slide the pieces together till they connect securely at the top of the notch. The locking mechanism will hold your wig stand in place and prevent any movement while styling. Slide your circular lock into a corresponding notch at top of the stand for stability.

portable wig stand parts

Disassembling the portable wig head

Disassembling is the same for both the metal and plastic portable wig stands. Push apart the notches that are holding the pieces together. Slide the inner piece out from the other. Now you’ll have two separate pieces. Stacking them together will make them compact for traveling.

Notos the professional wig stand

Notos is a professional wig stand by Venyn. This professional wig stand comes with an adjustable tripod. The tripod stand helps you set the right height for you to work on whilst practicing your styling skills. This professional wig stand comes with an adjustable wig head holder stand. The adjustable wig head holder stand allows you to tilt and rotate your wig 360 degrees. With the help of the adjustable wig head holder stand, you can style without having to move around too much.

Assembling Notos wig stand

Assembling Notos wig stand is an easy task. The piece with a circular head is where you attach the mannequin head. Take the bottom end of the circular head and squeeze it through the piece with a small circular opening. Now screw the piece with the circular opening into the tripod stand and you are good to go.

Disassembling the Notos wig stand

Disassembling Notos is also an easy task. Unscrew the top piece from the tripod and pull the piece that went through the piece with the circular hole. Now you can pack these pieces into the bag that is provided with the product to take on your travels.


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