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10 Things That You Must Experience On Your USA Tour

FindItMore | To cut through the confusion about what are the best things to do when visiting the US, follow the advice given here on your USA tour.

Taste the city life of New York

The city of New York will always surpass your expectations. Walk through the streets of New York the city that never sleeps. Whatever you are looking for, shops, museums, art, music, fashion, exhibitions, etc., there is everything on show.

Las Vegas – beauty in eccentricity

The attraction of Las Vegas emanates from its eccentricity. The City of Sin has a compelling appeal to get a taste of the forbidden fruits. The luxurious hotels provide the opportunity of experiencing the life in the city that is one of its kinds.

Take part in a food challenge

Test your ability to consume the most substantial serving of street food that only America can offer. Food challenges are a common sight in the restaurants in the USA in which food lovers try to consume maximum food in the shortest time.

Visit a theme park

Just as America is a vast continent, everything it does is big. The theme parks too are gigantic. Visit one of the Disney theme parks or water parks spread across the country that will leave you astonished.  The theme parks of Universal Studios in Orlando and California are equally attractive.

Louisville, Kentucky

For the horse racing aficionados, a visit to Louisville, Kentucky, the home of Kentucky Derby is like a pilgrimage. The races streamed on TVG come alive as you take your place on the stands. For knowing more about horses and horse racing, visit the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Be present at a live sport event

Sports events of different types from baseball to basketball and from American football to ice hockey, take place throughout the country around the year.  To soak in the excitement, take a seat in the stands and keep munching popcorns and hot dogs as the players display their skills.

Have a date with Hollywood stars

No visit to America can be complete without stepping into Hollywood, the dream factory of the world.  Feel the thrill of setting your foot on the floors of Dolby Theater; enjoy the Walk of Fame and the palm trees that are typical of the place.  Los Angeles makes your dream come true.

Go across the Golden Gate Bridge

Riding the famous cable car, visiting the China Town or just loitering on the Lombard Street are some of the must-dos in San Francisco, the city that is different but just too much lovable.  The panoramic view from the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge is incredible.

Sleep in a Natural Park

If you are a nature lover and fond of excursions and outdoor adventure activities, then you must visit some of the National Parks like Grizzly Bears, Yellow Stone or Yosemite Park.

Visit the White House

Complete your tour by visiting the White House in Washington that remains a witness to several landmark events in American History.

The visits ensure that you see the core of America.


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