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5 Romantic Hiking Destinations In Florida

FindItMore | Romance is all about falling in love once again and recharging your relationship in the best way possible. Countless places in the world offer romantic get-away to re-ignite the spark between the two lovers.

Florida is one of most go to state in the US famous for Disneyland, LEGOLAND, white sandy beaches and of course finest hiking spots. So let’s get started. Discover the heart-pounding, sweaty-palm feeling with the five best romantic hiking destinations in Florida.

  • Little Talbot Island

Relaxing and calm, Little Talbot Island is one of the top romantic hiking places in Florida. There are two hiking trails in the island: Campground Nature Trail and Dune Ridge Trail.

The Campground Nature hiking trail provides a leisurely walk of one mile. On the way, there are hidden boxes with treasure to add fun. The trail begins near the salt marshes into the oak maritime forest and is home to a variety of wildlife. There are signs to help you through the trail!

On the other hand, the Dune Ridge Trail loops for four miles and is home to a vast array of wildlife and five diverse ecosystems including maritime hammock, beach dunes, and depression march. The trail’s last one and a half mile allow you to take an incredible stroll on the sandy beach. Colorful painted buntings and Flatwoods are found on the way, so you’ll be mesmerized!

There are other activities to do as well besides hiking such as fishing, kayaking, surfing, and beachcombing as well as picnicking. The diverse habitats in the park host river otters, bobcats, marsh rabbits and a variety of migratory birds as well as loggerhead sea turtle. Canoes and bicycles can be rented at the campground.

The park is open from 8:00 am till dark.

  • Santa Rosa Island Beach

Just the two lovebirds, such a splendid vacation! The Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike lies along the Gulf of Mexico between Navarre and Pensacola Beaches.

The Santa Rosa Island offers both backcountry beach camping and hiking trails which are exclusive and fun. It is a hiker’s paradise and couples who wish to explore and adventure together should consider this trip. However, this adventure is not for everyone since it can get strenuous seeing no established campsites and water resources around. It is best to check with a ranger about current conditions.

8 hiking trails from least tiring to most tiring are Campground, Water Canyon Beach, Water Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Black Mountain, Torrey Pines, East Point, and Lobo Canyon.

Tired of hiking and looking forward to spending some time in peace? Enjoy the glistening sugar-white sands of the Santa Rosa Island at the beach. The parks, however, are usually busy.

  • Blackwater River State Forest

The Blackwater River State Forest named after the Blackwater River is one of the largest state forests in Florida. The place is also loved for its longleaf pine ecosystem.

The forest extends on the southern tip of sandy, red clay soil deposited over West Florida.

Several species of oak trees are found here such as water oak and turkey oak. A wide range of pitcher plants which lures traps and digest the “innocent” insects. Experience forest fun with your loved one in the forest by either becoming a Trail walker or a Trail trotter. There are many programs run by Florida Forest Service to protect and support the ‘heaven’ on Earth.

  • Big Cypress National Reserve

This is one hiking destination which has tremendous surprises for you and your soul mate. Go for hiking here in the dry season. If hiking in the wet season, be ready to tromp through the water waist deep! It is a rewarding landscape; you can watch an otter eat the fish, discover tropical blooms and much more! Just download the map and get going!

  • Citrus Hiking Loop

43 miles of hiking trails in the series of loops as the name suggests, it is one of Florida’s rugged hikes! There are clearly defined trails and footpaths and it is best if you divide your trip into days to make it easier! Challenging with trails passing through different habitats make the visit worthwhile.

Take Away:

Set out with your darling on a challenging hiking tour at one of these romantic hiking destinations. Be careful and check for changes that may have occurred. Ask around for experiences and be in good health. Before you begin, ask rangers to help you answer any queries you may have.

Before you set out for a hike, there are few most important things you need to do. Get hands-on a printed trail map from the Florida Trail Association which shall be obtained free of cost. Moreover, carry an adequate supply of water to the rescue. Also, wear sturdy shoes, carry a camera to capture breath-taking memories, and an insect repellent to prevent yourself. Needless to say, you need to have the right bell tent which will serve as your home away from home.

Being close to nature has its significance. The serenity strengthens and freshens you up. It’s a fabulous step to becoming a happier person.

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