Infographic: How Robocalls Are Spamming Consumers!

FindItMore | Robocalls are one kind of “Telemarketing Calls” that are auto dialed from computers to deliver prerecorded messages. In most cases, they are considered as “spam” but they actually differ from spam calls because they made to enable interaction between recipients and the agent through voice record or, keyboard input, etc.

Now the question – Is robocall legal?

As per FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Robocalls related to following industry or, services are legal for approaching to customers:

  • If they for any political campaign or,
  • For any informational alerts, reminder, and notification or,
  • Charity Outreach or,
  • Debt collection or,
  • Health campaign, etc.

But he unwanted reality is the maximum number of robocalls are illegal, fraudulent or, both which pose danger to the customers because they are not as per communication law or they are made to steal something from you. Approximately 60% of all robocalls in 2018 were associated with fraud or, spam and mostly involved in health insurance, loans or interest rates!

This percentage of spamming robocalls is extremely high and the reason is most companies, especially telemarketing companies, are making a profit by making available their customer database!

Which actually creates the trust issue and negative impact among consumers/peoples. Which has harmed people’s perception of phone communication which is actually badly affecting the legitimate Business Communication and businesses?

So, if your business mostly depends on phone calls as a primary source for your sales communication, it’s high time to think of alternative ones!!

An alternate channel of Robocalls

When an agent picks up the incoming call on behalf of a client is called answering service which is better known as “Live answering service”. Nowadays people prefer direct interaction like Live Answering Service to solve their problems and it creates a positive impact on your business on the people!! Through this:

  • Your customers will hear a professional but friendly voice
  • Represent specific image of your service to your consumers
  • You will get some extra benefits like appointment settings, email & text reminders and also helpdesk support
  • 24 hours availability to capture inbound calls
  • Immediate response to customer needs which makes your sell handy
  • Create personal attention to top-notch services etc.

Features about answering services are – warm greetings, taking the information of customers, note down messages, forward to specific points, transfer the call to the client if needed, taking orders, setting appointments, live chat, etc.

With the professional live answering service, you can increase business profits by impressing your customer easily, provide 24/1 customer support and ensures customer retention.



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