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Artificial Intelligence: Risks And Opportunities

FindItMore | It is not unusual today to hear of emerging technologies geared toward artificial intelligence. AI influence extends to search engines, social media, e-commerce, advertising, and self-driving vehicles.

Support for AI is divided with some fearing an apocalyptic end to humanity as machines take over. Others are in praise for AI in cases where machines have made processes faster and more efficient. The areas that are going to be dominated by AI will include Law, finance, and medicine among others.

The basic idea to AI is to add emotional intelligence to machines. This gives them the power to think and make decisions. Sophisticated algorithms are used to accomplish this.

The articles explore ways in which AI can be beneficial to the human race and dangers involved in over-reliance on machines. 

Error reduction

AI utilizes complex algorithms to make decisions. Machines can easily replicate what humans can do,and tasks can be performed faster and with greater efficiency. This reduces most of the errors that would have been done by a human being. This reduction in errors comes in handy when it comes to complex medical procedures or space exploration. Industries where the cost of error is expensive benefit greatly from AI. The medical field has seen widespread use of AI. Medical practitioners have used AI simulators when it comes to surgeries. The simulators can detect complex neurological disorders. They have also played an essential role in radiosurgery. This involves the delicate removal of tumors without harming the surrounding cells.

Everyday use

AI applications are used in day-to-day activities like driving, or running smartphones. Apps like Siri or Cortana help us access various things on our smartphone. They also learn what we want and customize the content that we receive. AI also comes in handy when it comes to user verification for smartphones and secure areas. Using complex algorithms, AI is very accurate when it comes to face and voice recognition.However, you still need to consider the security of your private networks even when using AI. If you are in Australia consider our list of best VPNs for Australia. AI has tremendous success as virtual assistants. This is because they are focused on the task without the need for human emotions.


AI machines are used for difficult space and mining exploration. Robots can reach areas where humans cannot survive. This machines can perform tasks that would require ordinary humans many days. Machines do not get tired nor do they need food and oxygen and can, therefore,be deployed for more extended periods. As part of security, we have seen armed drones been used in battle areas where it would be impossible to deploy troops.

Repetitive jobs

This is an area where machines first made an appearance. There are various tasks that repetitive and monotonous,and once you teach the machine to perform the task, they can do it faster with minimal error. Robots have been used in manufacturing plants for car assembly or steel manufacture. Machines do not need lunch breaks nor do they get tired.

However, there is a lot of concern that AI will replace humans at some point in time. Some of the challenges involved with using AI include:

High cost

For one to create effective AI applications, one needs to invest heavily in machines and the software to support it. Besides this you also need to incur additional costs for maintenance and repair; should the software used become corrupted,or the technologies used become obsolete then the losses incurred can be astronomical. Technologies supporting AI change frequently,and one needs to invest heavily in innovation to keep up. Some of these innovations are beyond the budgets of most companies.


While AI has been able to replicate most of the human processes they still fall short when it comes to tasks that require creativity. AI requires one to code some program,and therefore it is hard for machines to produce original ideas. They are great for performing repetitive tasks but do poorly when it comes to arts or skills that require human emotions. This has been seen in self-drive vehicles that fail to incorporate human emotions in handling situations.


The question that has generated a lot of debate when AI technologies are mentioned is will they replace humans in the labor sector? Some people argue that while machines will replace some tasks new roles will be created in organizations to support the machines. The threat of unemployment due to advancement in technology is real. Machines can perform certain tasks that were performed by humans faster and cheaper.

Machines saying no

This is an apocalyptic danger of using AI. You have probably encountered this after watching a movie like “Terminator” were the machines become so advanced that they take control of all human decisions and this leads to the extermination of humans. The debate is still on whether at some point in time we will have created super machines that will lead to extinction of human race.

Fake news

Since we are using bots to disseminate information, this has led to an increase in fake news. Videos of important personalities will be impersonated and passed on to the public as real news.


AI technology is going to transform how humans interact with machines. We are going to see an increase in the number of tasks that can be done by machines instead of humans. AI poses a real threat to employment as machines can perform tasks faster and cheaper than humans. The extent of this threat is yet to be fully grasped. While people expect an apocalyptic time when machines will take over humans there is a need for control on the technologies been deployed. AI has its benefits especially in areas like the medical field and space exploration. Delicate surgeries are been performed by doctors with the aid of machines,and this has led to many lives been saved. Machines can go where no man has been to with ease. Many people have a wait and see attitude where AI is involved.


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