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The Best Saloon of Audi Family, The Audi A4

FindItMore | Audi A4 new model does look different from the previous model but it is nice to drive and travel in. The vehicle when compared to other executive saloons stands out due to technology inclusion and assured quality stuff all around. Audi A4 engines for sale in UK and elsewhere a clear indication of excellence of these motors. These reconditioned A4 engines are serving the purpose for many and for this reason many people are looking for the stuff. Though it is a sporty saloon but the rivals are sportier than this and the optional features cost higher. The car was introduced in 2015 and is one of the best models of the company and has becomes its mainstay. The car in fact has proved an alternative to the sporty rival of BMW and focused more on providing comfort and modern tech features. That is why it has appealed all the buyers in search of such a car in this segment. This new model of the car is more a response to the feedback of the buyers so it is softer and pro riders’ comfort and lacks real time thrill that one of the competitors offer in a better way.

Range of engines for A4 is very good

Interior of the car is main advantage over the rivals and its beauty and cozy feel turns the journey into an enjoyable experience. The car maker has been offering good compact size executive saloons and this vehicle is leading the segment at last. It has engine that is lighter and compact in size thus the weight distribution has also improved that ultimately adds to handling perfection. Range of engines for A4 is very good and you get a number of choices.

From very economical to very powerful are present there. The petrol burner range has three motors and all of them are with TFSI turbo-charge technology. They include 1.4-litre, 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre and the base level gives you 148bhp. The next in the row has two power variants 187bhp and 249bhp. The most powerful among them is 3.0-litre and with twin-turbo technology it is capable of 349bhp.

Add any of the optional features

The diesel range has two diesel motors 2.0-litre TDI and 3.0-litre TDI and both have two power variants. The first gives you 148bhp and 187bhp power outputs and the second one offer 215bhp and 26bhp. There are three different gearboxes six speed manual, seven speed S-tronic as an option for the base models and standard for more powerful models and the top models have eight-speed Tip-tronic auto. Apart from trim packages you can add any of the optional features to personalize you Audi. But this would make your car quite an expensive compact saloon. Now there are many vehicles in the segment and competition is getting tougher.

Good size room is for Luggage and Gears

Front doors are wide so getting in is very easy and after getting in you would feel it one of the best interiors of vehicles. Plenty of headroom let the riders to remain relaxed. Legroom and area for elbows are also ample for the front row passengers and it is enough to fall in love with this cabin after getting impressed of the beauty. For your gears and luggage room is also of good size and the cabin has smart places to put your small objects while traveling. The rear row of seats is also offering good room but one of the rivals offers more than that. But the row is more comfortable for the two adults than if three are sharing it. Particularly the middle passenger feels the hardship.

Final verdict is the Audi A4 is the car that is suitable for all ages. Its different engine sizes in both petrol and diesel fuel types make it able to produce excellent emissions and power outputs. Interior is lavish and packed with latest smart gadgets. It surely comes a step ahead from its rivals because of its multidimensional features. It is worth buying item to purchase.

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