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Get Inspired On YouTube Through These Business Leaders

FindItMore | If you are a student who is driven to build a career as soon as possible, then you must be mindful of the content you are consuming and how you are managing your time. It is a common saying that knowledge is power; hence even if you are preoccupied with demanding tasks like projects and theses, you must not waste time on anything that may sidetrack you from your ultimate goals. Students tend to consume substandard content just for the sake of entertainment and then have to resort to best thesis writing help through various thesis writing services after having wasted their time.

That is why; we have listed the best You Tubers you can gain access to for free. They are especially helpful for business students who would love to gain insights through their massive, first-hand experience. Moreover, they have charismatic personalities; hence it does not feel like a boring task to just kickback and listen to them while you are on your study break. In fact, they do quite the opposite, and motivate you to work to your maximum potential. Here is the list:

  1. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a motivational speaker and her YouTube channel is a hit – she has packaged her happening lifestyle and experts’ insight into lighthearted entertainment that also gives important business lessons. Hence, if you are looking for something that is enjoyable yet informative, then You must watch Marie Forleo’svideos.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk is an extremely sagacious entrepreneur, author and now a famous internet personality. His channel revolves around critically analyzing the changing business trends and what measures one must take to stop making the same mistakes as the big companies made, before them. Although, Gary Vaynerchuk tends to be rather crude and informal in his language, but he delivers his expert advice in a sincere and passionate manner. That is why he has gained a large following and people always tend to be inspired after watching his videos.

  1. TED

You must already be aware of the famous TED talks – maybe you had the chance of attending one at your university as well. If not, then you must check out their channel for instant motivation. They arrange successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, influencers, motivational speakers, you name it! All of them share their first hand experiences, how they overcame setbacks and what habits one must adopt for a brighter and successful future. These insights can be powerful if followed religiously and effectively.

  1. Valuetainment

The YouTube channel is run by Patrick Bet-David, an entrepreneur and CEO of PHP Agency. He helps you understand the dynamics that play a role in your success or failure in any given solution. Moreover, the channel is a complete guide to making smart investments, starting a business within a tight budget and has interviews from many powerful people. It is certainly, complete entertainment for people who would like to relax their mind while learning something new in the process.

  1. Noah Kagan

Apart from his YouTube channel, Noah Kagan also runs a blog about how to start your own business. After having worked for great companies like Mint and Facebook, Noah went on two start his own multi-million dollar companies called AppSumo and Sumo Group. He is certainly a force to be reckoned with and has all the tricks up his sleeve that you need to know; especially if you would like to be a successful businessperson in your thirties.

  1. Tom Bilyeu

Thomas Bilyeu, is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Nutrition Quest, which is on of most flourished companies in North America. He also hosts a podcast called Impact Theory which has thousands of viewers. His YouTube channel is not only devoted to hacks to become a better businessperson, instead he tries to completely evolve your mindset to become a winner. Tom invites great entrepreneurs and leaders to us podcasts as well and the thorough exchange of discernments, knowledge and achievements is what makes the videos worth watching.

  1. Neeta Bhushan

If you are someone who gets too overwhelmed by listening to massively successful business tycoons, then Dr. Neeta Bhushan’s channel is certainly your cup of tea. She has a candid demeanor online and urges you to achieve your goals without making it sound like a daunting task. The motivational speaker, leadership coach, best-selling author and social entrepreneur explore the winning attributes required for running a successful business.

If the descriptions struck a chord with you, then head over to the YouTube channel that best fits your needs and interests. Undoubtedly, you will be more inspired to perform to your maximum potential and outdo yourself. Moreover, wasting time mindlessly scrolling through social media online diverts your attention to the superficial things, since you may get influenced by the pretentious lifestyle depicted. Hence, if you want to exercise better control on your life, pick better influences.


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