How to Dress Up Your Fireplace

FindItMore | We tend to get more and more used to the idea of spending our evenings and weekend days inside, as the weather is cooling off much more rapidly now, so a warm and cozy night-in is a common idea that is being passed around you and your friends or family.

Naturally, it would be a good idea to keep that fireplace paint fresh or even the fireplace surround theme that you have to go on.

So we went around the internet and gathered a list of the most exciting and effective ways to dress up your fireplace by using several home care products. So, we put it right below for you to absorb all of it.

Let’s not waste any more time and learn how to dress up your fireplace by getting to the first point in our list:

Implement Tech into Your Fireplace

For a while now, we are aware that flat-screen TVs have managed to make their way straight onto our fireplace mantel shelf, and most probably, they are here to stay. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to install a TV on your fireplace, your best approach would be to mount it straight on the wall, as it would be the most aesthetically clean version of all other mounting versions.

Another fun version of the TV mounting would be to frame it like a picture and add other miscellaneous things on your mantel, but make sure you are not blocking the screen or cluttering the space.

Use Mirrors on Your Fireplace

Just in case you cannot decide on a single piece of artwork for your living room, you can try and mount a simple mirror in whatever shape and size you consider it as an above fireplace décor. You could even go for two pieces of mirror that are flanking the mantel, and that way, you will brighten the whole living room just by reflecting the light in the room.

It could be one of the few decorating ideas for the living room with a fireplace that is entirely customizable and can be found in whatever shape you want it.

Use Driftwood on Your Fireplace

It is effortless to create a coastal fireplace if you are set to use the right materials available on the market. For example, just take a piece of driftwood and bring that outdoor weather appeal that your fireplace should get.

If you are there, why not take the next step and use some fireplace parts that are made from real driftwood and pair them with those seashells that you used to petrify the centerpiece.

Add Greenery to Your Fireplace

Usually, a fireplace is made out of hard-looking and heavy materials like bricks and stones. If you dress them improperly, they can weigh down the room.

Now, all you have to do to achieve an improvement here is to add a beautiful line of plants.

You don’t have to go all in and make the room green, but just a splash of green to complement those design styles that you already established around the fireplace

For putting in the right terms, this fireplace add-on will create an eye-catching design for your friends and family.

Ceramics Go a Long Way on a Fireplace

Another fireplace design trick that you can use to your advantage is the addition of ceramics for giving a homely aura. There is an absolute versatility when it comes to ceramic jars, urns, and plates, and you have several angles to work for when decorating your fireplace.

You can choose to go for the ceramic vases that are filled with beautiful and colorful flowers. Or you can end up using a ceramic plate as a decorative anchor. We are sure you will not regret going with this material when decorating your fireplace.

Antler Fireplace Decor

Just in case you were thinking about going with the more rustic feel to your fireplace, you can never go wrong with some classical antler décor as a centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to look for other natural wood carvings that have the power of bringing variety.

It’s a versatile design style for your fireplace, as it can go well with a Bohemian bungalow or even with a Scandinavian chic place for you and your family to enjoy.


When talking about decorating our fireplace, we talk about bringing privacy and coziness in the inside of your home. What is the better way to make it your own then customizing and delivering that personal touch using all kinds of strategies and different designs?

Make sure you carefully analyze and take a good look around the house to see what fireplace design would go best with your home’s style.

What accessories and styles did you choose when you dress up your fireplace? Feel free to share your stories and experiences with the other design enthusiasts in the comments section.


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