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How To Drive Safely Against A Pothole?

FindItMore | Spotting them or not, driving around a pothole sometimes is impossible. It’s among the most common road hazard drivers face frequently especially during colder weathers. Navigating your way around the many potholes is now a routine but, these imperfections can render more damage than you think. Driving rough and fast over the potholes can damage the tyres and compromise performance of the many vehicle’s mechanisms such as steering, suspension, wheel alignment and even fuel leaks. Repairs for all are costly so let’s have a look at a few safety tips for drivers.

Optimum Condition of the Tyres

One way to reduce pothole risk to your car and its many functions is making sure that the tyres are in good condition and inflated properly. This adds extra protection against the impacts and helps minimising the damages that otherwise may have occurred. Recommended tyre pressure is imprinted to the rear side of the driver’s door, under the fuel cap or owner’s manual.

Make sure the vehicle has been properly serviced and if there’s any problem with the suspension or steering, have it inspected by professionals immediately. Ensure car tyre replacement is done under expert supervision so as to have the right pair befitted on the vehicle. The best way is keeping the car maintained and it’ll definitely survive many other hazards with road ruts.

Perfect Your Driving Skills

Safe and responsible driving should be prioritised at all times and it’s among one of the many habits that’ll keep you safe on potholes. Although the simplest solution is driving around them, it isn’t always possible especially at night time or when they’re obscured. If you happen to spot a depression on the road and there isn’t time to avoid, just reduce the speed and you’ll get over it without rendering any damage to the tyres or suspension system.

Maintain enough space between vehicles for a clear view ahead as well as to be at a safe distance if the car in front abruptly stops. Wherever safe and possible, drive around the puddles as there may be hidden holes underneath. This type of road damage is caused by seeping water into the crack with high chances of road cavities that raises the risk of accident.

Hold on Firmly to the Steering Wheel

Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel when driving on the pothole so that the vehicle remains in control. Remember that such a dip in the road can cause the vehicle to steer uncontrollably if yours is a feeble grip thus putting you on a collision course with nearby transport or a stationary object. Abrupt braking on the pothole isn’t recommended that can put serious damage to the tyre whereas you should be driving on straight wheels to minimize the road defects.

Understand Common Pothole Damage

Punctures, bulges to the tyre sidewall and dented wheel rims are the most obvious sign of pothole damage. Other common indicators include fluid leaks, wear and tear underneath the car and unusual noise from the exhaust port.


Practice good driving and have the car tyre replacement by experts to exercise maximum safety around the potholes.


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