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8 Steps To Simmer Down An Overheated Car

FindItMore | It’s obvious of the cars to overheat during hot weathers however; this particular condition is uncommon in many new vehicles. Still, these brand new line of vehicles aren’t completely safe from getting overheated which means care must be exercised. Another reason is exerting more pressure or power on the engine while driving at full speed and immediate application of brakes, climbing a steep terrain slowly and so on.

Whatever the case, the temperature on the dashboard’s gauge will gradually rotates to the hot zone. Here’s what should do to keep the car cool and prevent it from imminent breakdown!

  1. As the temperature gauge starts creeping towards the hot zone, shutdown the air conditioner, remove the mobile from the charging unit (if any) and do the same for in-car cigarette lighter. Open the car windows as this will help in decreasing the load from the vehicle’s engine.
  2. In case the overheating becomes more serious, power the car’s fan to max and blast the heat all out. It’ll help in drawing off the hot air from the engine and channel it into the car’s cabin, which indeed would get you uncomfortable but then again, you can always slide down the side windows and regulate fresh air.
  3. If you’re stuck in traffic while the heat persists, shift the gear in neutral and reverse the car but only a little bit. Doing so would help in pumping the water, speeding up the engine’s fan, draw more liquid and air through the radiator, eventually cooling things a bit.
  4. Reduce braking and don’t actually ride while applying the brakes. Instead of uneven and constant driving and application of brakes, make calculated movements. This can test an aggressive driver’s patience but prevents the car from getting overheated and imminent breakdown.
  5. Dragging with the brakes increase load on the engine which heats it up so better avoid doing this. If traffic is literally crawling, accelerate only when gap between the front vehicle and yours widen significantly. Get your mind prepared to cruise slowly and be less hostile.
  6. If your car’s still overheated after proper application to the above steps, better clear off the road and go for professional Volkswagen service in Dubai. If the condition is encountered on highly trafficked roads such as highways, pull over and park at a safe spot that’s probably under a shade. Remember to use the c-caution and pop the bonnet open for faster cooling!
  7. For your own good, don’t open the radiator cap immediately else it can cause serious burn injury either to your hands or eyes. Remember that the engine has been over boiled so you should be patient and allow it to cool down.
  8. Once the engine has been cooled down, open the radiator cap and add water only if the coolant level is below normal. Radiator cools within 30 and 45 minutes so be patient and give it all the time it asks. Always add normal temperature water; neither too cold nor too hot. Extremely cold water after overheating can crack the engine as a reaction.


Much like a human driver, an overheat car can be perilous to road safety so let things cool down by following the above steps.


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