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The Way You Have to Walk to Continue Burning Calories 24 Hours Later

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More and more people have convinced themselves that walking is one of the most complete sports. However, far from running through the streets with flocks of strollers who spend half an hour a day to walk at a light pace through neighborhoods and parks, are the treadmills of gyms that are filling with regulars who want to burn calories by giving themselves a ride in ‘leggings’. But, sadly, most of them are doing it if not bad, not quite right.

This is what Brook Benten says in ‘Prevention’ where he explains what is the correct technique for our walks to be so efficient that a visit to the gym gives results up to 24 hours later. Do you want to make your workouts more challenging? Take note.

Make the goat

Not so much because we go crazy over the treadmill but because Benten’s trick is to walk as if we were climbing a mountain. “Advancing as if climbing up slopes we increase the intensity of cardio exercise , which we can easily recover by walking back on the plane in the descent,” he explains.

This training is designed for a treadmill with adjustable tilt of up to 15%

The fact is that when we add a certain inclination to training not only burn more calories but also strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms -yes, it is interesting that you also put them in motion while walking or running through the treadmill, improving also our mood. Remember: the more you exercise more endorphins and, with them, more joy for your mind and your body.

And hard and hard

Like bunny Duracel it were, the expert ‘fitness’ ensures walking upstream and avoiding certain unevenness activate our joints and muscles more than up to the point that we can maintain active metabolism to 24 hours after training . That is to say, that the burning of calories does not stay in the gym, continues during the rest of the day without having to make an effort.

“This training is designed for a treadmill with adjustable tilt of up to 15%. If you do not find any with these characteristics, look for differences in the hills near your home, “recommends Benten, who says that if we follow this training three times a week accompanied by simple walks and some muscle building exercises, we will burn much more fat than running in the machine without rhyme or reason.

The three steps you must follow

For the training to be effective, we must meet the following guidelines during the walk:

1. Intensity . You have to increase your heart rate until we start breathing hard, but we should still be able to have a conversation . The speed of our march should be between 5.5 and 6.7 kilometers per hour.

2. Challenge . Towards the middle of the training we have to increase the speed and pace of the march to go about 0.3 kilometers per hour faster. “During this phase, we are going to have some difficulties to be able to speak,” warns Benten.

3. Regulate the rhythm . In the descent we must reduce until descending the march in about 0.8 kilometers per hour below the speed with which we started, in such a way that we recover little by little the breath without stopping being active.

An effective training of a few minutes

Let’s choose to walk through the field or the treadmill, the idea is to start walking flat for about 3 minutes. Then increase the terrain inclination by 1% and speed and keep pace for another two minutes and 30 seconds to reduce it again in the last 30 seconds of the series. We increase the slope another 1% and repeat, until we are walking on a terrain with a 15% slope. That is, we walk 3 minutes in each percentage of the climb until we reach the maximum established. After completing the whole uphill walk, we begin to descend the incline by 2% every minute, to accelerate the rate of energy burning just when we begin to descend from the 10% slope.

It is about performing between 10 and 15 3-minute sessions in which we mix intense rhythms with others calmer as we need. Although in total you have barely invested half an hour, your body will continue to burn calories for 21 more.

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