4 Tips to Extend Your Car’s Lifetime

FindItMore | Cars are an incredible form of transportation that allows us to commute to work in incredibly short periods of time buying more time for work and relaxation. Having a reliable and capable motor vehicle has become important to ensure we can arrive on time and continue our daily routines. To help decrease the chance of a breakdown and/or accident, it is important to have a well maintained and healthy vehicle. In this post, with Interstate Hyundai (West Monroe, LA), we will take a look at some handy tips for keeping your vehicle in tip-top fighting form to keep things running smoothly.

1) Check the Oil

Each gasoline engine works by combusting gasoline converting this energy into mechanic power that is transferred throughout the car’s systems. In order to ensure this system runs smoothly, having healthy oil can help reduce friction and transfer energy more effectively. When oil starts to age, it degrades and gradually takes in impurities from exposure to the surrounding elements, becoming less effective. Regularly checking your oil and having it changed once it gets cloudy and gritty is a great habit, helping keep your engine operating smoothly.

2) Read the Owner’s Manual

Every vehicle has a specific configuration of powertrain and surrounding systems to most effectively transmit power generated by the engine to the roadways. Making sure all of the systems are in working condition and understanding how each fits together can help you pin down when something might not be working exactly as intended and help prepare for upcoming maintenance. The owner’s manual is designed specifically for your vehicle, helping you to understand how to check each system and even perform some handy maintenance yourself!

3) Perform Some Easy Maintenance

Notice your windshield wipers streaking? Been a while since you checked the oil and air filters? With the owner’s manual, you can help keep your car in fit form and reduce the number of service appointments you set with your friendly mechanic. Windshield wiper fluid is a great place to start, and cheap to buy in large quantities. Make sure to fill it up regularly, especially if you drive in muddy or dirt based conditions. Windshield wipers are another easy part to maintain, the correct sizes are listed in the owner’s manual and are handy to replace if you are experiencing streaking or other unsmooth forms of clearing of water/debris. Car air filters, oil levels, tire pressures are all easy to check and maintain as well! Check out your owner’s manual for more information.

4) Prevent Exterior Rust

As cars go on more journeys and continue to work hard throughout the years, they may begin to experience paint chipping, deteriorating and eventually have metal rusting. The paint on the exterior of the car both adds a nice look and a protective layer for your car’s metal framework. If roads are wet or you frequent dirt/mud based roads, the car’s paint can dissolve gradually to this exposure to the elements and precipitation. Having your car washed helps to clear off grime and dirt/gravel deposited on the exterior that can speed up the degradation of the paint. Putting on a protective coating of wax after a car is cleaned and dried off works as an extra shield, further bolstering the strength of the car’s exterior foundation.

Keeping your car in healthy condition can help prevent breakdowns and important repairs; utilizing your owner’s manual and some regular checks goes a long way in helping your car consistently work hard.


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